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Dec 21, 2007 04:36 PM

OT: Japanese Sweet Carrots in NC

There are two Japanese restaurants in my small NC town, they are order and eat or take out. Not the kind of restaurant where they cook in front of you. They serve these carrots on your plate, sweet and tender. Maybe they are cooked in sweetened water?? If anyone out there knows how they are cooked please post. Thanks so much for your help!!!!

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  1. Hi,

    Any soy sauce in them?

    I bet you they are boiled down in mirin, a sweet rice wine.

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    1. re: repartee

      No soy sauce just sweet carrots, sliced and cooked. Maybe it is the type of carrot or maybe they are cooked in sweetened water.

    2. Hi I'm originally from Salisbury, NC Now living in northwest. I cant find a restaurant that cooks them here so I'm trying to make them myself. I've tried brown sugar and butter like candied yams, not perfect but very close.

      1. its butter, brown sugar and white sugar. i dont know the parts but this is all that it is cooked in. usually using frozen carrots never fresh. i know since my family owns a japanese fast food place.

        1. It probaby has nothing to do with how they cook them - you should ask what kind of carrots they use. The carrots in Japan are so much better than the ones we get here - short, really fat, and very flavorful and sweet. In fact, the last time i was there i bought two packs of carrot seeds to try to grow them here. I hope they will be half as good as the ones i have had there. It isn't just the way they are cooked in the restaurant, either; when you buy them at the grocery store and cook them yourself, they are just as good.