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Dec 21, 2007 04:08 PM

Shopping for wine downtown? Metrovino is tops for service.

Having shopped for wine at The Cellar, at Kensington Wine Market, at Wine Cottage and at Eau Claire Wine Market since I moved to Calgary last year, I finally made it to Metrovino for the first time this evening. All I can say is "wow"!

Although the selection seems to be more limited than the above-mentioned wine shops (save, perhaps, Wine Cottage), the service at Metrovino is vastly superior. That's not to say that people at the other wine shops are unfriendly, but never have I experienced more attentive service when purchasing wine than I did this evening at Metrovino. As I was unfamiliar with many of the wines that they suggested, I can only hope that they figured out my palette enough to make suggestions appropriate to my taste.

In a town where good customer service is harder to come by with each passing day, the owners and staff at Metrovino should be commended on their ability to take care of their customers.

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  1. I have always been very impressed with Richard Harvey and Metrovino. It may not be the biggest selection in town but they are very knowledgable and at the same time they are not pretentious wine snobs. If you have any interest, Richard does a very good series of wine courses during the year. It certainly opened my eyes to the vast world that is wine.

    1. We bought our wine from them for our wedding reception a few years back and I can say they were so knowledgeable -- asking exactly what we were serving for each course and giving me several alternatives and price points. They were super to deal with.