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Dec 21, 2007 04:05 PM

Denver: need a birthday cake

My mother's birthday is in two weeks, and I desperately need a good bakery recommendation in Denver, CO. She is very picky about them, and will not eat it if she doesn't love it.

A few years ago, there was a French bakery on Steele St that made lovely mousse cakes, which she adored. Then, Emogene was a lifesaver and I was a passionate devotee, as their cakes were delicious and beautiful.... but now, with both those places gone, I am at a total loss. And, not having lived in Denver for a few years, I have no idea where to turn

Cherry Creek area would be best, as I will be staying there, but any recommendation will be gratefully received


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  1. I loved emogene! I was sad to see both locations close.
    You might check out Gateaux or Devil's Food Bakery:

    Disclaimer: I liked the taste of emogene's sweets better than Gateaux's, so I'm not sure how a picky eater might respond. Their cakes are beautiful though (and their decorated tea cookies are good). I haven't special-ordered a whole cake yet from Devil's Food Bakery, but I've heard good things.