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Oct 5, 2000 07:56 PM


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It occurred to me, reading the post mentioning lobsters at Khoury's, that it is getting pretty hard to find a good restaurant lobster these days. My wife is from Maine and maintains that she can do better at Ralph's than most restaurants we've tried. Nick and Steph's ($30+/lb), broiled, was underdone and when sent back, overdone; Parkway Grill (same price) unexpectedly tough; the Palms is ok but not what it used to be; Water Grill was probably the best around, but home done still seems better. Bizou in Pasadena is done with an amazing sauce and fettucine, and the price is certainly right, but they run out after 7 pm. We remember great restaurant lobsters, but can't find any now.

Are there any chowhound lobster experts? Where can we find something better than at our humble home?

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    Joan Winston

    Every October is lobster month at Gladstone's on Pacific Coast Highway and Sunset Blvd. They serve a 1 1/2 pound lobster dinner for $12.95 a pound (that's how they advertise it). The lobster is hardly ever over or undercooked, I guess because they do so many of them. You have to tell the waiter you don't want your lobster cracked because if they crack it all the tamale is gone. I would never recommend Gladstone's for anything but the lobster. Even though it's the closest restaurant to our house we only go there for a lobster fix. It's always too crowded and noisy and just generally awful, even though the ocean view is great.