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Dec 21, 2007 02:33 PM

Help me use up some extra food. [moved from General Chowhounding]

I have nine eggs, a quart of milk, one and a half cooked winter squashes, five potatoes and a couple of onions that need to be used by tomorrow. Any suggestions?

and I also have some tofu...

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  1. Well, you could make a squash soup with sauteed onions in butter, broth, milk and the squash. Season with curry powder or cumin and cayenned to taste.

    You could make a frittata with the eggs, potatoes and onions. Don't know if you have any other veggies to toss in.

    You can hard boil some eggs. For breakfast or to keep until you get back.

    You could make scalloped potatoes. do you have any parmesan to toss in?

    1. Can you make this? :
      Also, you could make the innards of a squash pie-- squash puree, milk, sauteed onions, cheese (if available)-- the proportions are:
      1.5 C squash puree
      1.5 C leeks (use the onions
      )3 eggs
      3/4 C milk
      1/3 C cream (just use milk)
      1 tbsp fresh sage, chopped
      3/4 C gruyere cheese
      pie dough
      very roughly, you saute the onions, and layer that on the bottom. Then mix the other ingredients, pour in the pie crust (or if you don't have, you can just use a dish) and bake for 20 minutes at 425, then another 10-15 minutes at 375.

      But the soup suggestion sounds good. Then you can freeze it, too.

      1. Make a soufflé with the squash and the eggs, or a pudding (that would use up some milk).

        The potatoes/onions/milk, you could turn into a variation of scalloped potatoes.

        1. Agreeing with the others...
          Squash Pie
          Scalloped Potatoes/Potatoes Gratin
          Devilled Eggs with the leftover eggs


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            A few ideas:
            Butternut squash risotto
            Potatoes anna
            Lyonnaise potatoes
            Pumpkin muffins subbing the squash for pumpkin
            Egg nog
            Potato kugel