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Dec 21, 2007 01:49 PM

A good place for drinks??

My husband and I are spending a weekend away in DC next weekend. We will be going to dinner at Brasserie Beck and staying at the Hotel Palomar. We are looking for a nice place to have drinks and relax after dinner. We're not fans of the crowded loud bar scene, just a nice bar to hang out and relax. TIA.

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  1. Love the lobby at the Georgetown Ritz. There is a louge bar there that can be loud late night, but its in a separate room. Just hang in the lobby area where the huge fireplace is and someone will come and take your drink order. Also, a great bar to have a drink and hang out is at the basement bar at The Hay Adams Hotel. It's called Off the Record, a block north of The White House. Also the bar at the Blue Duck, in the west end. Cool interior and you can walk from the Palomar.

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      And the Round Robin at the Willard Hotel -- you're supposed to have a mint julep there. Like the Hay Adams, it's old DC.

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        I also like the bar (Degrees) and the lounge at the Georgetown Ritz. Very classy and never over crowded.

        Willard Hotel is also a nice choice.

        Also, you can try the bar at Hudson. They mix up good drinks and also have a wine list where you can get a full glass, 1/2 or a splash. Could be fun to try out different glasses.

        Also I highly recommend the lounge area of the Tabard Inn. Very romantic with a fireplace. Cozy and perfect this time of year.