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Dec 21, 2007 01:47 PM

A word about OSTIA on 7th Ave South.

My company had our Christmas Party there last night. We were about 50 people with some coming and going.
It was a cocktail party with seats for about two-thirds of the guests (my decision) which encouraged people to get up and mingle.
It worked very well.
They had 4 dining room servers, one outstanding bartender, two kitchen staffers and one of the owners who is a very gracious food and wine industry professional.
His name is Matteo.

They pass-served us outstanding tapas for over two hours and then buffet-served a seafood paella, a Spanish recipe pasta dish, sliced filet mignon and baby lamb chops.

The party included an open bar, minus some top-shelf whiskies, with some pre-selected Navarran wines.

The restaurant was closed for us.
The whole thing was extraordinary.

I won't divulge the price here except to say that it was considerably less than $5,000.

Other prices I got for similar arrangements started at $7,000 and went up toward $13,000.

I think this place is one of the few bargains in the neighborhood and I wish them well.

I thank the staff at Ostia for a job well done.

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  1. We live a few blocks away and eat at Ostia regularly, the food and hospitality and both great. It's one of those personal labor of love restaurants that is satisfying on several levels.

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      I love Ostia, too. It's great to know about the private party idea. I'm always looking for a place for dinner for 25.