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Oct 5, 2000 03:40 AM

Has Anybody Eaten at Khoury's In Long Beach?

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I was wondering if anybody has eaten at Khoury's in Long Beach. I read a review of the restaurant in "Rave" that peaked my interest.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Khoury's features an All-You-Eat-Seafood Buffet, including Maine Lobsters, for $32.95. According to the "Rave review, "the average customer goes through two whole lobsters, which in and of itself covers the diner's cost of the buffet (in essence, everything else is free.)" ... "A select few have worked their way a dozen lobsters."

Sounds pretty good to me. I have been dying for a place with affordable lobster. I am willing to drive from Marina Del Rey to Long Beach for decent affordable lobster.

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  1. I've been there around March or so. Well, it's true, you can get all-you-can eat lobster. But they are small, not tiny, but smaller that ones you can find in a decent Chinese seafood where they have live lobsters battling in the tank. They are steamed, maybe a smidgen too long for my tastes. The other things avalible to you at the buffet is a salad bard, cold shrimp and king crab legs, various sliced chicken and beef which MUST be avoided, and a pasta bar made to order. It's pretty good if you just ask them to saute some garlic in butter and forgo the heavy sauces, then tear up the lobster meat and shrimp, and make yourself a crusteacean pasta.