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Dec 21, 2007 12:47 PM

Katie Johnston Chase- Boston Globe reviewer

Can anyone tell me what qualifications Katie Johnston Chase has as a food critic? As a writer, I get it. She has written about DNA, iPods, and theatre reviews that have been so off base they have been blogged about with titles such as "criticizing the critic". Deemed "the Globe's hapless reviewer" she has said that the Cheesecake Factory is better than Beehive, claims "Icarus falls short", and that the Aquitaine Group should have paid more attention to the food at Gaslight than to the decor. Of course her bio for The Globe's Flipside states that "Katie Johnston Chase likes dive bars, old country music, and pop art that has something to say." maybe the reason she can't seem to enjoy a meal at any of Bostons finer restaurants is because they don't reek of stale beer and cigarettes.

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  1. I sure don't know anything about her qualifications but can't say I put much faith in her reviews; they tend to have a "hipper than thou" tone to them, which may be expected/desired in some publications but with a paper like the Globe, I am looking for more professionalism. Not snobbiness (a previous restaurant reviewer from the Globe was not one of my faves for sure), but a feeling that the person loves what they do and does it well.

    And I have to say, MCSlim's reviews have always been excellent. Can't think of many others that I enjoy reading much anymore...anyone have some recommendations for the Boston area?
    (I know, this board is really the place, just answered my own question! :-) ).