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Dec 21, 2007 01:06 PM

Cafe Baraka: North African Soul Food

snowy night, warm hands, warm heart in here. and very tummy-warming harissa, chickpea and tomato soup, and lamb chops with couscous. the flatbread with zatar and black sesame, warm and crispy, is so delicious with the harissa and eggplant salad, we have to restrain ourselves. it would be wonderful to have some wine with all this, but in the end its a minor quibble and the mint tea will do nicely. generous hearted, generously spiced, low priced and lovely. go and enjoy.

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  1. This is a place I will absotultely have to try. I lived for a while in Tunisia and did considerable research in Algeria during my law school days and absolutely loved the food. I have been looking for North African foods in general and long for a good Tunisian restaurant in the Boston area.

    1. Right on. If you've never tried their squab bastilla, make it a point to call the requisite 36 hours in advance and go for it. The stuff cravings are made of.

      1. Quick note: Unless they've changed their policy, bring cash!

        1. Hey all.. heading to Baraka friday for the first time (YAY!) and have read some wonderful comments on this board.. however, I don't see any vegetarian specific comments... any help for a veg eater at CB? Thanks!

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            I really like their "ultimate vegetarian platter" It's hard not to order it when we go.

              1. re: mipiace

                Options galore for the veg eater at Baraka.
                A few faves:
                Bedenjal Mechoui
                Jbinet with Berber Karmous