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Oct 5, 2000 02:53 AM

Pie n' Burger

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I confess. The purpose of this post is primarily to torture Dave Feldman. A couple of weeks ago, I had lunch at Pie n' Burger in Pasadena. The burger, as usual, was incredible. The fries were wonderful. And then, when I asked about pie, I learned that it was last day they would have fresh peach pie available. So, I ordered a slice. My wife, who said she didn't want dessert, had a taste, and wound up eating about half my slice. (I said more than half, she said less than half.) Then she (a physician who was on call) got paged, and had to go out to our car to answer the page. Lucky me. While I was waiting, I was forced to order another slice of the fresh peach pie, which was rapidly approaching extinction. Heaven! Absolute heaven!

While I was waiting for my wife, I asked the staff why they thought their burgers were better than others. They thought it might be the freshness of the meat--they receive fresh meat every other day--and that they hand form the hamburger patties. They also thought that their housemade thousand island dressing might have something to do with it. And the way they tear the lettuce. I thought to myself, what can be simpler to prepare than a hamburger, and gave thanks that the folks at Pie n' Burger could so far surpass most of their competitors at this "simple" task.

Sorry, Dave, I'm usually not this cruel.

P.S. I'm going to Lotus of Siam a couple of weeks from now. You can sue me for intentional infliction of mental distress.

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  1. I'm ever on the hunt for the perfect burger, so in response to your note I hit the Pie & Burger in Pass. Wow. This place is what Johnny Rockets pretends to be. The meat was fresh, cooked perfectly, the fries rocked, in short it was worth the guilt I felt when I considered the number of fat grams I had ingested. I'll offer you a tip in trade. Theres a french restaurant in North Hollywood called Barsac Brasserie. They have a lunch which consists of two small flame broiled burgers with melted cheese on french buns, and the best shoestring potatoes you will find. It's kind of pricy at $12.95, but with a salad, it feeds two. Go for it.

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      Dave Feldman

      You didn't have pie????!!!!???

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        I went back last weekend and... had amazing pumpkin pie. But the burger once again dominated. I defy anyone to point out a better burger place.