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Dec 21, 2007 12:50 PM

Farewell Tom's Tavern - Boulder

Had my final lunch at Tom's Tavern last week. The are closing for good tomorrow. It was nice to see a line out the door for people waiting for a table, just like in the old days and I've been going to Tom's since I moved to Boulder in 1968. Tom's is a no-frills, basic burger joint. Did they serve the world's best, most creative burger? Nope. But it was fresh, cooked perfectly and the fries were excellent. So was the "dip" of salad. The unpretentious decor was truly refreshing and the servers were efficient and didn't feel the need to tell you their name. My favorite was the Valerie Perrine look-alike from the early '80s. I'm going to miss this Boulder icon.

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  1. That is indeed sad. Another Boulder icon/tradition bites the dust. I lived there for about fifteen years, and Tom's was a place you could go to and know exactly what to expect.
    I hope the Dark Horse is still there.

    I also used to be a cook at the now dissapeared New York Deli.

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      The Dark Horse is still going strong and still has yet to be cleaned! You did fine work at the New York Deli!

    2. The famous downtown corner -- pre-yuppication. And don't forget Walt and Hanks Tavern, has not been there for years, across the street. Pool tables, $.25 drafts, and carney types.

      1. Just so ex-Boulderites know, Tom's Tavern was not the victim of yuppification. Tom Eldridge died earlier this year, and his family neither wanted to run it nor did they want to employ anyone to do so. As Islay Man noted, the Dark Horse is still around. So is The Sink. So is the Trident. So are Dot's Diner and the Gondolier and Laudisio's -- tho' all of them have moved from their previous locations.

        1. I am very sad to hear that about Tom and the restaurant.As a former employee I can attest to the fact that Tom was a good man and he hired good people to work for him.Tom`s was a cool place to hang out and to work.