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Dec 21, 2007 11:51 AM

Gramercy/Flatiron restaurants for a birthday

My family is celebrating my mom's 60th birthday and want to go to a restaurant close to their hotel on 30th and madison... Looking for a festive place that is not too expensive (dad wants to spend around $40 per person). Are there any good French, Italian, American, etc restaurants in the area that would impress for the birthday?


thank you!

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Strong agreement here. As a former NYer I still go there whenever I'm in town. Excellent food, service and presentation. Service that's fun and efficient. Getting the bill is a pleasure considering the quality of the food and the level of care taken with their guests.

    2. Two inexpensive suggestions:
      Via Emilia and Basta Pasta. Both are good Italian (Via Emilia is Emilia-Romagna cuisine, Basta Pasta is Italian with some Japanese throwins) and on the cheap side. Via Emilia is a little dark/sleek/modern, and Basta Pasta is a bid brighter. You could eat and drink well for $40 a person at these.

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      1. re: Tubulus

        I agree with these two suggestions and add a new place in the neighborhood - Bocca. Casual Italian, great pastas and shared starters. Same owners as Cacio e Pepe.

        1. re: bdurrett

          Haven't been to Cacio e Pepe, but if someone took me to Bocca for my birthday, I'd disown them as a friend.

      2. Depending on what you order Artisanal could be perfect. A very festive French Bistro with great cheeses and yummy fondue. It is also close to their hotel ( which is more Murry Hill than Flatiron).

        1. Giorgio's of Gramercy is a total stand by for us. They just repainted the walls -- so the atmosphere is a bit better too

          1. Punch is very nice, with a varied menu that should appeal to everyone, and great atmosphere and service. May be a bit more than $40 a person, but so are the other suggestions so far. If you share some appetizers and do not drink a lot, it could work.