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Dec 21, 2007 11:10 AM


Someone gave my son a tip, not to miss the roadside smoothies while we're in Hawaii. So I just had to ask, are roadside smoothie stands ubiquitous? Which is the best?

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  1. I have to say, I don't know of any. There are a few "fruit" stands on Oahu - maybe they make smoothies, but its not a real popular/prevalent thing here, at least as far as I know.

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      I agree with you. There are fruit stands along the way to the north shore in the Waikane area and Waihole but I don't recall that they make smoothies, they do have coconuts with juice. Iblau said "Hawaii" may;be one of the other islands?

    2. Gotta agree with the others. I'm not sure the roadside smoothie stands are that common, certainly not on Oahu. The only one I can think of off hand is the one next to Giovanni's shrimp truck in Kahuku. I usually grab a beverage next door at the Kahuku Superette (great shoyu poke there BTW), but the last time I took a few friends there, one of them had a papaya smoothie which was pretty good in my decidely non-smoothie-expert opinion.

      1. While I agree, in general, with the other responses, I do like Mango Mama's, North Shore Kaua`i, for the fruit and the smoothies.

        The stands are not everywhere. In Phoenix, AZ, they do seem to be, but we're talking Hawai`i.

        Now, I was not looking FOR them, but last week on O`ahu, I saw a dozen "Jamba Juice" stands (chain that is also on Mainland), and we circled the island every way possible, and hit some esoteric neighborhoods. Does not mean that they are not there, but I did not see them, even on the North Shore and over to Maka`ha. Maybe get a bit of clarification on this tip.


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          Thanks all, maybe this will be one tip we just let drop. We're on our way in the morning, looking forward to putting all your great info to use. Plans are fairly loose still, though we do have reservations at Kilauea Lodge and Merriman's on the big island. I'll try and drop a note when we get back if there was anything memorable.

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            Yum! Merriman's!!!!!! I can't wait until March when we go over there again! The good news also is that he is opening a restaurant in Kapalua later this year!