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Dec 21, 2007 11:07 AM

Long Island City Wine Bar? Lounge?

Hi, I'm looking for a relatively low-key place to hang and have a drink in LIC. It could be a wine bar, a lounge, or a restaurant that has a nice bar. If they had appitizers that would be great too, but not necessary. Much thanks!

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  1. There's a wine bar a door or two down from tournesol on vernon blvd, that is also associated with Tournesol. It looks lovely, although I've never been. I believe they also serve cheese.

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      This wine bar is called Domaine e Vins and it is excellent. If you have dinner at Tournesol and bring your receipt you get like 10 or 15% off. Great for after dinner inebriation. It's right on top of the Vernon/Jackson subway entrance on the west side of Vernon Blvd.

    2. Haven't been since my boyfriend moved out of the neighborhood, but I used to like Lounge 47. The have food as well.

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        my favorite bar is the longest walk from the train down Vernon - LIC bar is owned by the same people who own the Pencil Factory in Greenpoint. It's nice, dark and mellow, and they have pretty good cheese paninis (things like fontina and sage, etc) for snacks.

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          domaine is awesome. plays great music and has a great selction of wine. the oysters are yummie.

      2. McReilly's Pub, between 46th and 47th on Vernon Blvd. is a pleasant place for a nip or two, and the pub-ish food is quite good. Of course, it's at its best in balmy weather, when you can sit in the garden in the back.