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Dec 21, 2007 11:05 AM

Late Dessert in West LA/SM?

Having dinner at a friend's place in Santa Monica tonight, and we're thinking of going out for dessert afterwards rather than staying in. Looked at a few places on the westside (Jin Patisserie, Susiecakes, Clementine, City Bakery, Vanilla Bake Shop) but can't find anyplace open past 7:30pm. Anyone know of a good dessert place open later? Sweet Lady Jane's and Susina are open late, but would like to try to stay on the westside. Prefer a place with good baked goods rather than gelato/ice cream shops. Open to suggestions, thanks!

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  1. There's always Diddy Riese in Westwood -- shouldn't be as much of a line since UCLA is on break.

    Late dessert is indeed very hard to find on the westside. I have often shared your pain.

    1. Urth Caffe is open until 11 pm. Panera is open until 9 pm and Marmiton on Montana is probably open fairly late as well.

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        One other thought:

        Broadway Deli
        1457 3rd St Promenade
        Santa Monica 90401
        between Santa Monica Blvd & Broadway

        Phone: 310-451-0616

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          I've always enjoyed getting dessert at the Urth location on Main Street in SM.

          Urth Caffe
          2327 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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            It's a little bit East, but Al Gelato on Robertson between Wilshire and Olympic reamain s my fave. Fabulous gelato, cappucino, incredible gi-normous apple pie and cheesecake. Great place, open late, outdoor seating.available on warm nights. Love it.

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            i wouldn't categorize panera, that uses partially hydrogenated vegetable oil instead of butter, as being good. it's a step above entemanns for sure, but still.

            urth, though, is really good

          3. Another vote for Urth. I'm not normally a dessert person, but I will go out of my way for their cakes. The only bummer about going there late is they might be out of some of the day's goodies.

            As a bonus, you can have a nice stroll after your dessert and take in the holiday lights and window displays on Main Street.

            1. Literati Cafe on Wilshire and Bundy is open fairly late (11?).

              Zinio on Westwood just north of Santa Monica on the west side of the street is a cafe with a decent selection of desserts. I like their cheesecake, and think it tastes pretty much like the vaunted one from Pastina down the street. They're open well into the evening/night - 11? 10? something like that.

              Orchid Bakery on Westwood below Santa Monica, also on the west side of the street is open until either 8:30 or 9:30 - not super late. A lot of European pastries, Persian cookies, gelato and coffee.

              You can always sit at the bar at Cheesecake Factory and get their monstrous desserts. The one in Brentwood is open until 11 I think, same with the one in Marina Del Rey.

              Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood is open until 11 or midnight and has decent desserts.

              Concur with Urth. A notch (or 5) down is Coffee Bean, but they have desserts, are open late and have coffee products that can be dessert-like. Their carrot cake is decent and the coffee cake there is pretty good.

              Isn't Leonidas on/near the promenade open until 9? You could get a hot chocolate or chocolate product there.

              Junior's Deli on Westwood closes late too - around 11. They have an in-house bakery, so you can get your classic cheesecake or chocolate bobka (I'm sure I'm spelling this incorrectly).

              For pie, there's always Apple Pan (open late).