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Dec 21, 2007 10:59 AM

Burnt Popcorn In Microwave-House Still Smells!

I badly burned a bag of microwave popcorn in the microwave three days ago...lots of smoke in the kitchen! Luckily, nothing caught on fire, but my house still smells of burnt popcorn. This is not exactly the "holiday smell" I was going for!

I've completely scrubbed the microwave with baking soda & water, foodsafe disenfectant spray, then I boiled a cup of water with lemon in the micro.

Does anyone have any idea to get the burnt smell out of my house completely? Opening the windows are not an's about 20 degrees outside.

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  1. Outside of FeBreeze, Orange disinfectant spray or Lysol type products......consider the Real Estate method....bake apples and cinnamon in your oven.

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      i hate that smell - it happened to me awhile ago and the only way to combat it is to spray, scent, burn and cook. it sucks.

    2. I suggest putting lots of fresh ground (not grinds) coffee on several paper plates and put one or two plates in the microwave; as well as others throughout your home. So long as you like the smell of coffee, it should do the trick within a day or so. I learned this from our local power company after we had left town for a week; only to return to a long term power outage while we were gone and the corresponding dead body smell that came from my frig. Nothing else I've ever tried (kitty litter, baking soda, etc.) works; but the coffee seems to do the trick.

      1. My father caught a bag of popcorn on FIRE in my microwave. The house smelled to holy hell for days. I tossed the popcorn, obviously, sprayed the inside of the microwave with Clorox Clean Up and wiped it out several different times and boiled a bowl of plain white vinegar in it once every couple of hours for a day or so. I did not add any water to the vinegar. When I was bored with the vinegar smell, I boiled water with cinnamon, nutmeg and apple pie spice with a shot of cheap vanilla. You may have to bite the bullet and put on a hoodie, crack the windows and kick the ceiling fans to high for 20 or so minutes.

        1. I've done this --- and other smelly things. I've found that putting a pot of water on the stove and adding cinnamon and using the fan, it cleared the air in the entire house of the offending smell, replacing it with one of "something baking in the oven" aroma.

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            Haven't tried it, but I read that hollowing out half an orange and filling it with salt makes a good deodorizer.

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              Thanks for all the great suggestions...I've never heard of the coffee one before! Well, it's almost five days later, and the smell has finally subsided. I used lemon juice in the microwave, then vinegar (at different times). I've also heated up a lot of food in the micro. to try to get a better food smell in there. Lysol spray in the kitchen & the rest of the house also helped a lot.

          2. Light lots of candles throughout the house and burn matches. Shake out any drapes and raise blinds, then use a fan. Odors tend to hide in undisturbed areas, so make sure you air them out. For fabric surfaces that may have absorbed the odor and be feeding it back to you, as someone else has suggested, Febreze may help.

            As for your microwave, it's not the interior that may be the problem. It's the fans and air intake/output. If the lemon juiice didn't deodorize it, try some cinnamon in the water and pray!

            Bet you never leave a bag of popcorn unattended again! '-)

            But everybody seems to do it at least once...

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              I just recently burnt a bag of popcorn myself and I have a bird I can't let get too cold so I really didn't have the option of keeping the window open long just enough to get the smoke out nd I can't stand the smell i will try everything nd watever to get it out but i know the window isnt an option for me either because my bird would get too cold then sick nd die nd I don't want that ive had him since he was a hand fed baby nd I was little