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Dec 21, 2007 10:32 AM

Looking for "Something Different" Happy Hour on Westside

Any suggestions for a happy hour on the Westside that has good drinks and quality food, but is different in some way? Looking for different atmosphere, or different type of drinks/food, or something that makes it a unique and fun way of spending a couple hours.

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  1. Maybe Penthouse or West for the views, the Parlour if you want to watch lots of sports on many tvs, or Chloe (where Voda used to be) for a European lounge feel.

    1. Gosh, there used to be choices of several in Westwood Village itself -- Cafe Cafe on Lindbrook used to have an Italian complimentary buffet and dollar drinks, and later Yesterdays (in the current Chili's space) did a good one. Over the past few years, the best you could hope for was Acapulco's blended margaritas and couple of items, along with a taco lady for a reasonable price per.

      I really don't know of anything "different" except for the very existence of a happy hour with some value. McCormick & Schmick for their $2 burgers and fries -- I know they are very popular downtown, I think they also offer it in Bev Hills. The best I've found in recent times is at Palomino on the ground floor of an office building on Lindbrook, a block north of Wilshire and east of Westwood Blvd. Upscale business feel, bar seating, some small tables at the windows, and some higher, longer thin tables for groups in between. Some beer and wine choices for $3, and $5 small designer woodoven pizzas or half-price ($5-7 rather than twice that) for bar choices like calamari fritti. Definitely an after-office rather than college clientele.

      1. I've been partial to Il Moro for non standard happy hour food. They also have live jazz on Fridays. Tuesdays' they do wine tasting.

        1. Chaya in Venice has great HH sushi. No drink specials though. Crowded hipster scene. Fun.

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            Wilshire in Santa Monica has a couple martinis at half price and 2 wines by the glass for $5 along with a few food options at HH.