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Dec 21, 2007 10:30 AM

Sam & Harry's Lunch?

Hello, I know that Sam & Harry's on 19th between M and N used to have lunch but then stopped. I thought I saw some people in there the other day, anyone know anything about this?

I know Ray's is the preferred steak around here, but too far for a business lunch. What is everyone's thoughts on The Palm vs. Sam & Harry's vs. Ruth's Chris vs. Smth & Wollensky vs. The Prime Rib vs. BLT Steak vs. Charlie Palmer? (7-way battle royale?)

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  1. I can't imagine Sam and Harry's ever closed for lunch? Maybe in August. They do far more lunch biz than dinner biz.

    Though The Prime Rib is my steak house of choice, of those you mentioned, it is NOT a "7 way battle." Sam and Harry's is head and shoulders above the others in food, ambience and service.

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      I know S&H was closed for lunch all last summer. Summer 05 I went there quite a few times for lunch only to find that they were dinner-only in Summer 06. It did seem odd to me, but that's what it was.

    2. My lunch at the Prime Rib was excellent! Love, love, love it! You should check to see if they still have their lunch special. For a long time (might have been an extended RW deal but I'm not sure) they had a lunch special for around $30 or so--3 courses and it included their famous prime rib. They did not in any way skimp on the servings. You should check it out since this is a great deal. I remember I had their house salad, the steak, sides (creamed spinach, potatoes, corn...the waiter was super nice and brought us 1 or 2 extras since it was a slow day and he knew it was my first time there and wanted to give me a great experience), and for dessert their key lime pie.

      Now I should say I haven't eaten at a lot of the other places for lunch or even dinner. I'm not a big fan of Ruth Chris's mostly because I think they ruin their steaks with the butter. I've heard mixed reviews about Smith and Wollensky and great things about Charlie Palmer (which tends to be a controversial restaurant on this sight).

      1. to reply to my own post, S&H just got back to me via email, and they do not serve lunch. They had a few private parties in there in December.

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          Wow! I'm shocked. Has the city FINALLY reached steakhouse maximum capacity?

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            Weird, huh? And I'm pretty sure Ruth's Chris' two DC locations don't serve lunch, but it's Arlington location does. Makes no sense. Palm and Smith are both reasonably crowded for lunch on an average day...