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Shan on El Camino in Sunnyvale

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Has anyone been to Shan on El Camino in Sunnyvale? Is it exactly the same as the other locations (Santa Clara).



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  1. HI
    Yes, its the same management. We've tried all three location and found the food v consistent (something we were watching for!)

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      Same people who used to have the place on Third St. in SF that turned into Naan 'n' Chutney? I thought that was one of the best of the numerous places in the Shalimar / Naan 'n' Curry mold.

    2. After having known about Shan for quite a while, stopped by yesterday for the first time with a friend. She exclaimed "haven't had this good Indian food in a long time". I said "hey, what about the Amber buffet we just went to in late Feb?" I think when ordering a la carte, one tends to scrutinize the food more. Anyway, imho I think this is some of the best IndoPak food around. Considering the strip mall location & "divey" reputation, not as inexpensive as I thought it would be. I knew there wouldn't be a buffet but thought perhaps they served "lunch plates"; however, everything was priced separately. Here's what we ordered:

      Achaar Murgh (7.49)- chicken cooked in pickling spices was tangy, spicy, rich, flavorful
      Chicken tandoori (leg/thigh, 3.99) - a little smoky, flavorful, overall EXCELLENT
      Seekh kabablamb (one skewer, 3.50) - flavorful, moist, very good
      2 nans (1.00 ea) - wow - light, fluffy, just enough crispness
      Basmati rice (1.99)
      Raita (2 @ .99 each) - should have just ordered one

      Now the cons - wished the chicken items had more meat, friend took her plate back to get a new one as hers was dirty, told myself to buy bottled water or soft drink next time or better yet, get take out:-) Obviously, these cons are not enough to deter the Silicon Valley types from crowding the place by 12:30. Total was $22 but my friend & I felt we could have used a little more food. Of course driving back up the peninsula feeling full & sleepy, we thought, yes that was enough!

      Lastly, didn't know about Sunnyvale location (nor about the Santa Clara one) until I retrieved the "To Go " menu. This review is for the Stevens Creek locale. We were on our way to Santana Row; therefore, this was a very minor detour.

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        Thanks for the update

        Shan Restaurant
        5251 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

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          Shan in Sunnyvale is OK if you like oily Indian food, but Shalimar a few blocks away seems a bit better to me, especially for the naan. At least there are different dishes between the two places. I had the Aachar murgh which was good but no match the version at Hyderabad House in Palo Alto. I doubt that I'll be going back often given the tastier and less oily choices in the neighborhood.


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            Pakistani restaurants are known for their tandoori dishes & Shan didn't disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised by the achaar murgh. I haven't had this dish at HH so I cannot comment. However, I did a takeout order of veg. biriyani & goat curry last year at HH & have to say that I don't remember them being any less oily than Shan. Though not bad, I was surprised that the biriyani was so oily considering there was no meat (didn't like the goat dish at all). As for Shalimar, I've only had their chicken biriyani at a friends place and it was good. Just chose Shan over Shalimar yesterday for location (right off 280) & quick service. I am under the impression Shalimar is a full service restaurant (and more expensive?).

            Last but not least, benchmark for oily food has to be Naan 'n Curry chain in SF. I think my whole family took zantac before diving into that takeout meal:-) Didn't know it would be sooo oily!

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              Shalimar is self-service like Shan, and in Sunnyvale it is cheaper than Shan. That's unless the prices have gone up recently; I haven't been back to Shalimar since Taste Buds opened up around the corner.


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          I wouldn't call the SV location exactly "clean," either - we always take out, since the environment and service is less than stellar. We like the food in general, but see my earlier comment regarding the biryani.