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Dec 21, 2007 10:12 AM

Are my ladyfingers stale?

I have two unopened cellophane packages of ladyfingers bought last year. I would like to make my annual tiramisu and am not sure if I should use them or buy new ones. The outer bag is long gone, so I can't see if there's an expiry date. I hate to waste. How long do ladyfingers normally last? Even if I opened the bag to taste one, I'm not sure if I'll be able to tell if they're stale as they're so tasteless and dry anyway when not drenched in coffee and mascarpone. Any ideas appreciated!

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  1. Are they frozen?

    If not I'd chuck'em.

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    1. re: white light

      I agree. You're going to put expensive ingredients in that dessert. Especially the mascarpone. So you won't be saving anything if the ladyfingers taste stale and undermine the rest of it.

      1. I have an unopened cellophane package of Alessi brand ladyfingers, which I've had in the pantry for over 10 months. The expiration date is 1-15-08. Based on that, I would think yours would be okay. "Stale" is good when they're soaking up all that espresso and brandy, don't you think? I'll be making my annual Tiramisu, as well, as soon as I find one more package. Our stores don't always carry them.

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        1. I would open a package and just taste them. If they taste normally dry and vaguely sweet, I'd use them. If they taste funny in any way, get new ones.

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            Good idea. Also, keep in mind the different kinds of ladyfingers. Some are softer and spongier. I don't think they would keep well. The harder ones which are undoubtedly what you have would probably keep better. (Self-evident, I guess.)

          2. Just curious....did you use your package of ladyfingers, and were they okay? Guess what....I found the second package that I needed for my Tiramisu, but the store was out of Mascarpone! Grrrrr! They won't have any in until tomorrow. So, no Tiramisu for New Year's Eve unless I decide not to have it sit in the refrigerator for 24 hrs.

            Happy New Year, all!

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            1. re: cookingschool

              Hiya, sorry to hear about the mascarpone shortage! For $2 I bought a new package of 4 - so now I have 2 leftover from last year and 2 from this year... but I'll be making another tiramisu later this week.

              BTW - I don't know if you actually need to have it sit for 24 hours in the fridge - if you make it in the morning, it should be OK to eat that night, no?

              1. re: kpzoo

                Yes, I just reread the recipe, and it does say 6 to 24 hours. Thanks! I only remembered the 24 hours part. I'm using a new recipe....the one in CI Nov. - Dec. '07 issue. So, I'll hit the store first thing in the morning, and will probably have to help them unload the truck or stock the cheese counter.