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Dec 21, 2007 10:10 AM

Halalco Restaurant - Falls Church Report

Following in the footsteps of Tyler Cowen, I tried this sit-down restaurant inside the Halalco Supermarket in Falls Church. They have a buffet for $8.95, and they will also freshly grill kabobs for you.

Unfortunately, I had a very different experience than Tyler Cowen. Normally I pass on buffets, and the buffet here is a perfect example why. Bland vegetables swimming in oil. A couple of main dishes (pakora curry, goat in spinach sauce) that seemed like they would have been tasty if they weren't cooler than room temperature. The goat was unchewable.

Excellent freshly baked naan, maybe the best I've had, below average salad, and a satisfying bowl of rice pudding rounded out the meal.

I may return for the freshly grilled items.

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  1. I've had similar disappointing experiences following Tyler's footsteps. Are the freshly grilled kabobs AYCE? That, naan and pudding could make it a good deal. Are there any good Middle Eastern buffets in the area? The one at Afghan Grill is good; the one at the Kebab Palace annex is so so.

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      The freshly grilled kabobs are not part of the buffet. They about $10 or $11 per portion.