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Oct 3, 2000 04:47 PM

What Became of Dos Arbolitos?

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Anyone know if this Mexican restaurant (previously located at Parthenia and Woodley in Van Nuys) has reopened, as promised, in another location?

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  1. The dudes at Dos did claim they were going to open in another location, but so far they have not been spotted. It's a great loss: the smoked tomato salsa was one of the best in the city, and the costillitas de puerco en salsa verde were dynamite.

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      Dave Feldman

      My friend and I used to hang out at D.A. Soon after they closed (supposedly, solely because of a lost lease), we saw a note on the door that included a phone number to call for information. It was a law office that didn't seem to know anything about the place. It's a big loss.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        D.A was very good. Another nearby place that you may want to check out is El Gallo Giro on Roscoe and Van Nuys. It's an enormous place with a bakery, juice bar, and a fairly large menu-cafeteria style. Cheap and most everything I've had kicks ass.