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Dec 21, 2007 10:10 AM

Wiener Schnitzel House - Bowness Rd NW

A few days ago I was desperately looking for a wiener schnitzel fix, but everything good was either closed or out of town. I found a reference to the Wiener Schnitzel House at 4703 Bowness Rd NW and decided to try it for lunch. Not knowing what they were all about, we made a reservation, which they happily accepted. Upon arrival we found a ... well, we quickly discovered we didn't need a reservation then or any other time. But we were greeted ever so nicely by the owner/server, and we stayed for a wonderful lunch. I had the Gulasch (full meal) and my partner had the Wiener Schnitzel. Both were lovingly prepared by the chef/owner in the rudimentary but functional open kitchen. Both of us enjoyed our meals very much ... wonderful flavor, and unexpected nice plating too. It was friendly, professional but personal, and delicious. Would we go back again? You bet! Try this place for a fantastic schnitzel or goulasch. It's not much to look at, but the food, the size of the servings, the exceptional cleanliness, and the friendly owners are outstanding.

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  1. I wondered about this place I pass it everyday driving my daughter to Montgomery Jr High..

    Wish I would have seen this earlier, it was a half and we were looking for food. I would have went to Salt & Pepper but my husband had a bad experience there, but I am all about the poblano stuffed peppers

    1. Looks like a gem!

      BagelGuy, you write very good posts here.

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        Thanks very much, John. But your posts are soooo educational. You'd think you were a teacher of something! Seriously, thanks for the great posts and opinions, John. I really enjoy them.

      2. I love this place (and places like it) too... calgary needs more of these ridiculously unpretentious little hole-in-the-wall joints. It's pretty much the opposite of what's happening in the 'dining scene' in town. Sure, it's not much to look at, and the food is simple and straightforward, but it's evident that the owners do put a lot of care and craft into what they're doing.

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          And love it, we do. We went back again yesterday for a wonderful mid-afternoon lunch ... we both had the Goulasch Soup and shared the mushrooms ... and found it about as tasty as it gets. The Goulasch Soup was much lighter than the traditional Hungarian style. And, to our tastes, it was much better. The Mushrooms were ever-so-slightly breaded, very nice and fresh, and delicious. They weren't greasy or (after 2 bites) heavy, as you might expect from deep fried mushrooms. They were light and delightful. And plenty. The service was so nice and friendly, it made us feel really comfortable and not at all like "customers", but they certainly didn't take us for granted either. We really like this place.

          1. re: Bagel Guy

            A question on location: I'm coming up to Calgary in 2 weeks and I'm staying at the Four Points across from the COP. Is this restaurant (and Salt and Pepper) on the Bowness Rd down the hill behind the Four Points and the Sandman? If not, how do I get to them? As poor athletes, we're always looking for cheap eats close by the COP.

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              Yes, both restaurants are on Bowness Road down the hill from the hotels. When you get to Bowness Road turn right. Salt and Pepper is in "downtown Bowness" and will be on the right side of the road. Continue further across the bridge and past the Safeways at Home Road into "downtown Montgomery" the Weiner Schnitzel House is also on the right - just before the set of pedestrian lights. The hours for the Weiner Schnitzel House are 4 pm - 8 pm Tues to Fri and 12 noon - 8 pm on Saturday. The are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

              1. re: Zydeco_Mama

                Thanks so much! It's nice to know that there are other places to eat close to COP other than McDs, Wendy's and Denny's :-)
                Is there anything else worth visiting in that immediate area for folks on a major small budget?

                1. re: scabbardgirl

                  Just a couple of KMs south of the Weiner Schnitzel house is the Lazy Loaf and Kettle. Good coffee, good homestlye soups and great BIG sandwiches. Follow 16th to Memorial Dr and its the first left after the Ice cream shoppe. Enjoy.
                  8 Parkdale Cresent NW

                  1. re: cdn

                    Sweet Home Bakery is in the Bowness Shopping Centre on Bowness Road (just off of 77th St.) they've been in business since the late 50's and their little shop seems like it's frozen in time. Get only one thing: The cream horns. And get there in the morning as they sell out early. I'm not sure if they make them every day, but it's our Saturday morning treat every once in a while.

                    Cadence Coffee is great for a light lunch or for breakfast and they have fantastic Oso Negro Coffee. They are located across from Bow Cycle and *ahem* the Bowness Hotel (great for people watching) at 6407 Bowness Rd. N.W. Very friendly owners and a funky/comfy environment. They make yummy cinnamon buns every Sunday. Get there early for those too.

                    1. re: sweeterpea

                      Also in the Bowness Shopping Centre is the Dell Cafe (also frozen in time!). Great for breakfast or lunch. Going in the other direction on Bowness Road is Angels (a drive in/eat in burger joint).

                      1. re: Zydeco_Mama

                        Thanks for the reminder ! how could I forget Angel's! -- much better than Peter's. (avoid the white sauce on the burgers though)

                  2. re: scabbardgirl

                    I work in the Bowness area and would second most of these suggestions. Also in the same vicinity is Lily Vietnamese subs, just across the road from the Schnitzel Haus. Not ultra high quality, but friendly, reasonably priced and pretty good. I tend to stay away from anything but the subs though.

                    Cadence can be kind of expensive, but is pretty good food and serves decent coffee. If you're looking for a standard bacon and egg breakfast, my recommendation is to skip Cadence and hit the Dell Cafe, then pick up something from the Sweet Home Bakery next door. The Dell is closed Sundays.

                    1. re: Bobatt

                      I just got back from my trip. I wasn't able to get out as much as I wanted, but I did do a drive of Bowness my first day there. It will become my new area to eat in when I'm at the COP! The Weiner Schnitzel House was closed that day - it was early Tuesday night - so I went to Salt and Pepper. Taco Tuesdays was on, and I took advantage. The "tacos" looked more like taquitos, but were good nonetheless. It wasn't the best Mexican I've had, but it certainly fits the bill of good, cheap food. I'll go back again and try some other dishes. I slept in too late to be able to drive down to the Dell or the Bakery for breakfast, but I will try them on my next trip. I will spread the word to my athlete friends that good food exists close by!

          2. What a nice makeover at the Wiener Schnitzel Haus! The place has gone through a wonderful transformation ... which makes the food even better (hard to do). New tables, chairs, menu; and that ridiculous sign over the counter has been replaced by beautiful hanging cabinetry with wine glasses. Everything is nice and fresh, and the place actually has ambience now. Chef Brian's cooking is arguably the best Austrian food you'll get in Alberta. And Vera's crepes ... delightful, light and delicious ... are the best I have tasted since, well, many years ago. Ask Brian to surprise you with whatever he wants to make for dinner, and you will always go back for more.

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            1. re: Bagel Guy

              I was just in there the other day and really like what they've done with the decor. Food is incredibly tasty, and nice and light too.

            2. This is a real pity, but thought you should know. I really enjoyed the world-class food (my wife and I had the Tirol Schnitzel and Schnitzel on a bun, and Austrian coffees). However, the hostess, I presume the older lady owner, did nothing but bombard us with highly personal questions, to which her replies were nothing short of insensitive, uncouth, and loud in the presence of other guests. I was shocked and embarassed at the same time. Therefore, in fear of meeting her again, I would never go back. Maybe this was a one-off, but again, thought you should know.

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              1. re: calgarydiner

                I am not a "foodie" but have had weiner schnitzel in the motherland...a lot of weiner schnitzel, and this as good as any I've had in Germany or Austria...even the generous portion size is accurate!

                I enjoyed the spatzle as well, however the portion could have been larger...after all, it's just an egg noodle. The red cabbage was the best I ever tasted....and I make my own as well.

                I've just found a place to go and enjoy the above, rather than mess up my own kitchen, and be just as excellent choice for any who want good food.

                Wiener Schnitzel Haus
                4703 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0B5, CA

                  1. re: nonlinear

                    Tried this place for the first time tonight, just wanted to add a review to the many positive ones on here already. As has been stated it sure isn't much to look at from the outside, I almost drove by it. It appears the owners have focused on decorating the inside, which has what I call a sort of "Restaurant Makeover" feel to it, in that it's kind of like a polished-up diamond in the rough. My friend and I laughed at their sign which makes it look like they serve schnitzel burgers.

                    Our dining party stuck to the grilled schnitzels as our friend who had been here before said the breaded ones were a tad dry. I had the Zigeuner schnitzel with spaetzel, and our wonderful server (a sort of motherly lady with a beautiful and light Eastern European accent) gave me the option of changing the spice level. I told her the spicier the better. The chicken was thinly pounded, fork-tender and covered in a tomato bell-pepper sauce spiced to a pleasant but relatively pedestrian level with what I assume was hungarian paprika. The spaetzel were nicely sized and done simply in a frying pan with butter. I would have appreciated a little more creative license with the seasoning, maybe some fresh herbs or something, but they went well with the tomato sauce.

                    My boyfriend had the Jager schnitzel with spaetzle, which he enjoyed. I managed to snag a small bite despite the fact that he wolfed it down, but not being a huge fan of cream sauces I'm not sure I could eat a whole plate. The sherry in the sauce made it a bit sweet and the sauce also contained big, gorgeous pieces of nicely seared mushroom.

                    Our friend had the Tiroler schnitzel, wrapped in european air dried bacon and filled with melted swiss emmental cheese. The little bite I had of this was great too, the cheese added a nice touch of moistness and richness, and the bacon on the outside was not too crisp but not too fatty. Special mention also goes to their Austrian salad, which our friend was able to substitute with his grilled schnitzel for no charge (a steal of a deal as its normally $9). I'm not sure if they switch up what's on it but we got a sweet marinated cucumber salad, yogurt cucumber salad, potato salad and tomato-parsley-onion salad topped with a bit of spring mix.

                    Overall the flavors in this place are just crazy good, you can tell it's family owned and they know what they're doing. My sole complaint is that $25 for my entree, and the aforementioned $9 for a relatively small side salad was kind of steep, considering I was still kind of hungry after (and I'm not a big girl). I'd go back though.

                    Wiener Schnitzel Haus
                    4703 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0B5, CA

                    1. re: leahj

                      ouch, grilled schnitzel? you guys definitely missed out... next time try the real deal, i've been there many times and have never found them dry.

                      1. re: leahj

                        It's kind of funny that you mention the "schnitzel burger" sign because they did in fact used to serve schnitzel on a bun when they first opened. The lovely owner-lady said that they still do it on ocassion (perhaps saturday lunch? I can't recall now), but it's defnitely not a regular menu item anymore.

                        If you didn't have the chance, you should give their dessert a Try! It's always freshly made daily based on whatever the owner-lady feels like making ^_^

                        1. re: TeaseMeGirl

                          Haha good to know there is a reason for it. And I wanted dessert, but sadly we didn't have time. I bet its really good. That whole restaurant kind of just feels like you went over to their house for dinner.

                          1. re: TeaseMeGirl

                            The place is only open Tues-Sat for dinner. No lunch at all, closed Sun-Mon. They probably will never get my business as a result.

                            1. re: Scary Bill

                              did you call for their hours? Just asking, since i've been there several times for lunch, although it's been about a year or so since our last visit.

                              1. re: nonlinear

                                Got it from their website. They must have dropped lunch.


                              2. re: Scary Bill

                                Awww... That's too bad all around, both for them not being open for saturday lunch anymore and you not having the opportunity to try them. (at least I think they were open for lunch on Saturdays when they first opened... i could be mistaken though)