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Need Help with Appetizers

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Picked up chocolate flatbread and rosemary gorgonzola scones today; they are yummy but a little bit at a loss of what to serve with/top them with for appys.

The chocolate flatbread has a subtle chocolate flavor and are not sweet. I was thinking perhaps wild boar pate, but was hoping for more ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I've seen cocoa nibs paired with duck and vanilla -- that might be a consideration for your chocolate flatbread. Maybe also goat cheese + prosciutto?

    I think the rosemary gorgonzola scones sound fantastic already but if you want to pair it with something, maybe a tomato jam or a chili jam would work.

    Try moving / posting this topic in Home Cooking. You'll get more responses there.

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      Thanks for your help, I realized that and posted there too.