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Dec 21, 2007 08:49 AM

Places to Eat in NE Phila. or lower Bucks?

My mother lives in Somerton and I swear it's a ghetto for food lovers. Any of you have any recommendations of good places to try in the area - any cuisine!?

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  1. Paloma is a gourmet Mexican on Castor ave that we have really enjoyed. Here's the menupages link

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      Also, almost right across the street from Paloma is Picanha Grill, a brazilian rodizio place. The food is as good or better than Fogo de Chao, with less atmosphere and cheaper prices. If you like meat, this place is fantastic.

    2. Carambola is a great BYO - on Limekiln Pike off Susquehanna... their roots are from Piccolo's Pizza, and Maggio's on 232...

      Amen to Picanha... not the nicest decor, but the food is great (if you like gluttony and meat)!

      1. I completely agree that there is nothing in lower bucks, my parents live there and we can never find a good place. A sole exception is Savor Saigon, a great Vietnamese place in levittown. I would love it if anyone can come up with any more suggestions in that area!

        In the Northeast, you have a few more choices. II live in ambler and we venture into the Northeast quite often for some good chow. f you like Portguese, there are two great places - Taste of Portugal and Cafe Tio Pepe. The Grey Lodge has a good dinner menu with sandwiches, mussels, seared tuna, really good bar food to go weith their amazing beer selection. Also Sweet Lucy's is great for barbeque.

        Although I second Carambola for being a great restaurant, it is in Dresher and not really anywhere near NE Philly of Lower Bucks.

        1. We always liked Moonstruck in Rockledge (the former original DiLullo's) -- just below the intersection of Oxford Ave.and Rhawn Street next door to Joseph's Pizza. I believe it's still good, although we haven't been there since we moved to Center City last year.

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            Here's another vote for Moonstruck (Italian, continental). We've found it consistently good. The parking lot is a plus, too.
            Beulah, welcome to Center City!