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Dec 21, 2007 08:34 AM

oysters: what is the verdict about the best place to get them?

I am heading down (escaping the snow of Montreal) to do some chowing at your wonderful town. One of my must eats is oysters in the half shell (I have only had them once, and I want more) and I have been reading about Felix's, Acme's, Dragos and Casamento's. If I had to chose one (or at most, two), which one would you recommend? Are there any other hidden secrets? What about places for cooked oysters?

I don't mind about the service, atmosphere or whether the waitstaff is grumpy; I simply care about the food itself. So please do not hesitate to recommend holes in the walls if the food is fresh; in fact I would take them over "fancy" places any time.

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  1. The Vieux Carre restaraunt on Chartres is touristy but they do have the best barbeque oysters I think.

    1. Raw on the 1/2 definitely Felix's and stand at the bar. Horsereadish is killer so be careful. Best oyster poboy is at Bozos in Metairie. Casamentos #2. Their cold ones are also good. Dragos charbroiled are really good. The Metairie location is better than the one in the Hilton.

      1. I love the oysters at Mat & Naddie's in the Riverbend area. (Grilled Oysters with Brie Cream and Shiitake 'Bacon'
        with olive oil and garlic and laced with pecorino-romano You'll want to have plenty of bread to sop up the juice.

        Matt and Naddie's Restaurant
        937 Leonidas Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

        1. No question - Drago's now open at the Hilton next to Riverwalk. The single best piece of food I have ever put in my mouth. For fifteen years I tried to get my wife to eat oysters, to no avail. One visit to Drago's and she now orders a dozen every time we go there, and is probably working herself up to her second dozen at one seating.

          1. For cooked oysters, virtually nothing can beat the char grilled oysters at Drago's. The Metairie location is better.

            For raw oysters, there are several choices. No matter which you choose it is essential to order and eat at the bar. You will get the best oysters and that way you can guarantee they are fresh shucked. Your best locations are, in no order, Casamento's, Pascal Manale's, Acme (French Quarter), and Cooter Brown's. I have never been impressed with Felix's. Have a great visit!