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Dec 21, 2007 08:29 AM


Do any of the better sushi joints in Manhattan ever have this?

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  1. I haven't seen it in Manhattan, as I believe most of the fish in the sushi joints are flied in from Japan or from other places in the US. They are either fresh whole fish (but not alive) that they will have sashimi for you and serve with the whole spine and head, or they are serve as regular sashimi slices.

    In Chinatown, they will do sashimi of geoduck clam or lobster from fresh live ones out of the fish tank. Of course they are not going to be still moving when they serve the sashimi to you

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      Mmm, I do enjoy geoduck. Live shrimps too!

      Never had raw lobster before, must try that - where should I go in Chinatown?

      kobetobiko, have you found a place with good beef sashimi yet? I noticed you were looking for some earlier. I have a recent post asking about that.

      1. re: antanukai

        Kanoyama (2nd and 11th) sometimes does the lobster sashimi as a special. I saw a group of young Asian people get it last time I was at the restaurant -- the legs were definitely still moving!

        1. re: kathryn

          Yet another reason to hit up Kanoyama. Excellent.

          1. re: kathryn

            Hi kathryn,

            Thanks for the info! I should have remembered that as I did recall lobster sashimi at Kanoyama.

            Antanukai, I took back what I said. Now that I think about it, I actually have had ikizukuri at a few places in the past, but mostly at Jewel Bako before Shimizu san went to 15 East. I haven't been back since he left and hence it didn't even come to mind at first. The lobster sashimi, nama tako, and awabi at Jewel Bako were excellent! and the shrimp too! In particular the tako and awabi was really succulent. You could still feel the "moving" tako muscle in your mouth. Then Kanoyama had lobster and live shrimp, so did Ushiwakamaru. Though they have sazae sashi, I have only had sazae no tsubo yaki (grilled) there so I can't common on whether it is still "live" after preparation.

            As for beef sashimi, my quest is still on as I still haven't fine one in Manhattan. The wagyu here is either too lean for sashimi or too fatty for a good sashimi (better in form or grilled or charred form, not a pure beef sashi). The beef sashimi I had at Urasawa at Beveley Hills was the best one I have tried in the US (then there are so many great sushi restaurants in the states that I haven't been). It was the perfect balance of fat and meat with intense beef flavor (and not just a mouthful of beef fat flavor). Haven't found one in NYC that is better than that.

              1. re: kobetobiko

                And how does Kanoyama's Wagyu sashimi compare to the beef at Urasawa?

            1. re: antanukai

              Beef sashimi available at both Upstairs @ Bouley and Lan. I've tried the Upstairs version and it was very good (as indeed is all their sashimi/sushi) and I'm guessing that the Lan version is good too given their pedigree with all things beef.

              1. re: oonth

                I was contemplating going to Lan for some shabu shabu, but I'll try the beef sashimi if I do end up going. Maybe both.

          2. I would say Ushi Wakamaru if and when it reopens. I believe Hideosan uses live shrimp. The sazae are also kept in a tank. Jewel Bako and Blue Ribbon do lobster sashimi that I believe is still wriggling. Reminds me of the "dancing shrimp" I had many years ago in Hong Kong. Also Ushi Wakamaru had the best wagyu beef sushi I've ever had. Anybody know status of reopening?

            1. there used be a place on 85th and 2nd that did a wonderful lobster... sashimi was served in the tail portion while the front half was still alive and moving on the plate. then they would make a cooked dish with the from half after the sashimi was finished. I was a regular there for years (sesumi was the place) and the waiter was also the sushi chef;s apprentice.. as he said to me when i ordered the lobster once to show of the owner's skills... "if i cut a lobster in half, it dies)

              if anyone knows where sesumi moved to,, tell me tell me tell me

              1. I've had Hirame Ikizuri several times at Kanoyama. They had it last week when I was there. Check their web site; they post their daily specials every day.

                1. Seems like Kanoyama would be the best bet. Possibly Jewel Bako if I can't find what I'm looking for.