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Dec 21, 2007 08:10 AM

Lamb Chop Lollipops at Washington Square Tavern - mmmm

Wanted to share a quick review following dinner at Washington Square Tavern in Brookline Wednesday night. I guess the snow that night kept folks home because we were immediately seated upon arrival (around 8:30). The place was full but not crazy like it can get on weekends. I ordered the appetizer "lamb chop lollipops" which was over-the-top. The waiter said it was the best thing on the menu and he wasn't kidding. It's three perfectly medium-cooked lamb chops served with a goat cheese "brulee". The goat cheese has a caramelized crust, hence the "brulee" name. Goat cheese with anything is great, but the sweet crunchy crust contrasted with the tangy creaminess of the cheese is a taste and texture experience you won't forget. My DC had the grilled endive salad, which I tasted and liked. Slight charring on the envdive but not too much. She also had the butternut ravioli (2 huge ravioli triangles) that I didn't taste but she enjoyed. We took advantage of a wine special which was a wonderful Spanish Tempranillo (can't remember the name). All in all, the food, the service and the atmosphere of Washington Square Tavern will send me back again.

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  1. I second that emotion. The lamb lollipops are a little masterpiece. The goat cheese brulee is wonderful, and the flavor of the lamb is superb. This dish is also an incredible bargain for 12 bucks.