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Dec 21, 2007 08:03 AM

Blu Coral Sushi (Wicker Park); Any Thoughts?

Friends want to have a gathering there next week. I love sushi but have never been to this restaurant (on Milwaukee just north of Division).

I don't mind going all out for sushi/Japanese if I know that it'll be worth the splurge. The friends that I'm with haven't been either but say that they've been dying to try the place.

Yes, I know that Mirai is just down the street, but I'm not making the decision; plus, I don't mind trying something new unless warned off.

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  1. Tried it out last week, signature maki's were creative & quite good. Try the Pink Cadillac, Flaming Hamachi & Ocean Drive. I think the Cadillac had some fruits mixed into it which made a nice textural & sweet change of pace.

    If the group is sharing, I would stay away from the Appetizer sushi section, portions were a bit small & for the price & selection, you can just go with the maki choices.

    Mirai is more about accentuating the fish, but if you like Maki, not a bad choice. Ambience has a nice chic industrial vibe without being packed together. Allows for a nice friendly get together.

    1. I've never been there, but I find it a little off-putting that they'd name a sushi restaurant after a famous car wax... ;-)