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Dec 21, 2007 07:58 AM

Gyu Sashi and Over the Bridge Noodles

Best place anywhere in the city to order gyu sashi [raw beef sashimi]? Preferably Kobe or other well-marbled cut of fatty beef. None of that lean beef carpaccio that is so common.

For example:

Also looking for 'Over the Bridge Noodles' [Or is it 'Crossing' the Bridge?]. Where can I find a place in the city that serves this best, or even serves it at all?



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  1. The only Yunnan place I know of is a little snack shop in Sunset Park, and they don't serve crossing the bridge noodles. I've never seen the dish in NY.

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    1. re: Peter Cherches

      Yep, I've heard about the Yunnan place, which I plan going to soon. Perhaps I'll check with the other boards.

      1. re: antanukai

        I was at Yunnan Flavour Snack today for lunch, and there was a customer who had come down from White Plains but is originally from Kunming. We started talking and I asked him whether he knew of crossing the bridge noodles in the area. He said you can find it in Chicago or L.A., but not N.Y.

        1. re: Peter Cherches

          I've been doing some searching, and that statement sounds exactly right, except for this one place in the DC area which I plan on visiting while passing through.

          I wonder... why there is not a larger selection of Yunnan food places in NY?

          1. re: antanukai

            Most Chinese immigration was traditionally from Guangdong, later Fujian (and Vietnam and Malaysia too). There's just not a critical mass of people from Yunnan, and I guess not enough demand for it among Chinese from other regions. I don't think there's anyplace in the world with a large selection of Yunnan places. Certainly not in the places I've visited with large Overseas Chinese populations, like Singapore and Malaysia, nor, in my experience, in Eastern China. What's the place in the D.C. area? I get down there at least once a year.

            1. re: Peter Cherches

              Mandarin Express. Not sure of the quality of the dish, but at least they have it.

    2. Kanoyama has Wagyu sashimi as a daily special, so I'll give that a try.