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Dec 21, 2007 07:53 AM

Restaurants in/near Dyker Heights, Brooklyn?

I'm going to look at the Christmas lights on display in Dyker Heights tonight. Any recommendations on restaurants nearby? Would like traditional Italian, to keep with the theme.

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  1. not sure about dyker, but in bay ridge you can try chianti (on 3rd ave & 86th i believe). i love areo's but i think chianti might fit more in the traditional italian. For more casual, i hear Vesuvio's is pretty good (in the upper 70s and 3rd ave) but i've never been.

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      Not too far away is La Palina which is on Ave O and West 4th. It's old school, so I think it would fit the bill. I live right near there and when I went to see the lights, it was less than a 10 minute drive

    2. Tommaso's on 86th Street, technically in Bensonhurst, but very close to Dyker Hts.

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        try Caffe Europa on 65th st and 20th ave for amazing brick oven pizza or Villa Paradiso, 20th ave and Bath Ave, both in Bensonhurst. for traditional italian in dyker heights try Mama Rao's on 64th st and 11th ave