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Dec 21, 2007 07:46 AM

Saul -- What to Order?

Have reservations at Saul on Saturday night, have never been before...does anyone have recommendations for me? Love to hear some thoughts...

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  1. Every time I go I almost always get the lamb special (3 or 4 ways) - it's that good. Also almost anything he does with seafood is usually excellent (scallops in particular). The Rib Eye is very good as well. Have a great time - we're going again tonight.

    1. My husband and I were there for the first time last Friday. The roasted fois gras appetizer is AMAZING. It had a wonderful, hearty caramelized flavor that was just right on a cold night, and a very creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. I had the roasted duck app., which was also very tasty and hearty. We were less wowed by the entrees. I had the diver scallops and my husband had the rabbit. They were good, but not as amazing as the apps. The specials, which I can't remember the details of, were all very meaty. One was free range venison from somewhere in Texas. Kinda wish we gone for one of the specials.

      The Baked Alaska dessert is also a standout.

      Enjoy and report back on what you eat!

      1. HBM -

        Judging by your moniker you might be a bit disappointed. The food and ambiance was fine, the portions were smaller then we expected.

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        1. re: MShapiro

          True, true and unrelated completely to this thread.

          I ditto the lamb. I'm not a big lamb fan, except at Saul;)

        2. We have been to Saul a few times, but probably won't return.

          The food was very good, but the portions were extremely small.We are not big eaters, but we left feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Three Sea Scallops as a main dish for $27 is not my idea of a good time. The room is kind of bare and cold. IMO you can do better at that price.

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          1. re: Fleur

            I think the poster was looking for what to order, not whether to go -- and it's been well documented in other threads how much you dislike Saul ;)

            Personally it's a favorite of ours still, after 3 years worth of visits (we live around the corner).

            I agree with David B. The lamb 3 or 4 or 5 ways (it varies) is the way to go. And my husband loves that Baked Alaska. The tasting menu there is a nice way to go if you haven't been before. It usually includes a standout raw tuna app. with jicama and citrus (really great dish, we've had it a few times).

            1. re: Nehna

              Nehna - we did end up going on Friday night and everything was truly amazing. I finally talked myself out of the lamb 3 ways and got the other special, PORK four ways and am glad I did. It was just incredible as were the butternut squash soup and foie gras appetizers. Fleur - I know there are several hounds that are bothered by portion size but honestly I didn't find the portions to be that small and the flavors are so complex and rich that I don't think I could eat much more than is served.

          2. I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful replies, very helpful. We went, with my wife's parents and had a great time. I had the seafood chowder which was great and the procuitto wrapped rabbit with rabbit tortellini. Loved my meal, my wife's mother had the aforementioned scallops which were tasty and I thought a good serving, threee scallops, but they were large and the plate was nicely dressed. I thought the food was memorable and the service spot on. As far as the debate about portion sizes, they may be a touch on the small side, but certianly not insulting. I was pleased with the amount of food served, I would have eaten more, but that's becasue it wsa damn good. My only quibble was the prices, I get expensive, but I'm not sure Smith Street is the home of the $17 appitizer. The prices, particularly the appitizers, are on the high side. Overall, I'll be back, for special occasions, but I 'll be back. Thanks everyone, Merry Eating...