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Dec 21, 2007 07:45 AM

Will ratatouille go well with standing rib roast?

I've got an aged standing rib roast and popovers on the menu for Christmas dinner and am wondering what to pair with it. There's only two of us but leftovers are always enjoyed. I found a recipe from Thomas Keller called "Confit Biyaldi" which he created as the inspiration for the movie Ratatouille recently. It looks great but I've never made ratatouille before so I'm looking for your opinion as to whether it would be good paired with the rib roast or if I should save it for another time.

Also, do you have any ideas for single crust pies that would go well with the above? I have a single crust in the freezer leftover from Thanksgiving that it would be nice to use, but I'm drawing a blank as to what to put in it. A fruit pie just doesn't quite sound appropriate with the rib roast.... Thanks for the help!

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  1. a tangy, light citrus chiffon would counter the heavy richness of a prime roast. You can use a lemon pudding mix as the base, cook and cool it, then fold in whipped heavy cream to fill the prebaked crust. Top with more whipped cream. (Use lots of zest.)

    1. Personally, I don't think ratatouille is well paired as a side with roast beef. It's a meal in itself, better suited to stand alone. Also, I think the flavors would over power the roast. I would prefer to see something along the lines of roasted root vegetables, perhaps a potato gratin, sauteed mushrooms. Sometimes I sautee red and green bell peppers with a bit of onion and garlic, adding a pinch red pepper flakes, and thyme. Served in a white dish it's very festive.

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        I agree with Gio's suggestion of roasted root vegs. But, if you're heart is set on ratatouille, I think the meal would be well balanced if you served the ratatouille with parsley potatoes and a crusty french bread.

        I think that if you are serving popovers, then the ratatouille would not go. What about english peas as a veg, or haricots verts amandines?

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          Thanks for your thoughts. I will save the ratatouille for another time if it will compete too much with the beef. I really want the standing rib roast to be the star of the show for this time around. Haricots verts or english peas are also great ideas - though finding them fresh around here may pose a challenge. I agree that something green to cut the fat is definitely desired.

          Do you have a good gratin recipe that works well? I've experimented with several but they never seem to quite have the right consistency.