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Dec 21, 2007 07:44 AM

Just Moved from Boston, now in Glendale, WI

I'm looking for good deep dish pizza - figuring we are so close to Chicago - there has to be something around hear. Also, can you suggest upscale restaurants, good fish etc.?

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  1. The Hinterland is a great new fine dining restaurant that is in the Third Ward on Erie right off of Water st. Their menu is diverse; elk, scallops, sea bass foie gras just to name a few.

    Lake Park Bistro and Bacchus are very good . For an outstanding dining experience go to Sanford's.

    We usually go to Chicago for deep dish. Milwaukee has great pizza places but its thin crust.

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      What a coencidence - we enjoyed a very lovely dinner at Bacchus just last night before going to see "A Christmas Carole" at the Pabts Theater. Service was top notch, 3 servers for just the two of us. (except for the fact that our head server forgot to bring the rest of my meal (to go) and we unknowingly walked out with out my half eaten $36 bone in ribeye. We felt like we could have been in a restaurant in Manhattan design wise. Lake Park Bistro was recommended to me by a women I met having lunch the other day as one of if not her favorite restaurants. I looked it up. It's very French, yes?

      Well certainly we are on the same wave link quality, service and decor wise. Thank you very much of responding. Where in Chicago do you go for the best Deep Dish pizza? I hear Chicago is just a short train ride away. Happy Holidays. Lynn

    2. You are just minutes from the best fish place in the Milwaukee area - the River Lane Inn. Try the "sand dabs" fresh from California or the Cajun Blackfish. They also have great cod cheeks at times as well.

      You are living in "thin crust pizza" territory. Go south about 85 miles for Chicago style deep dish.

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        Well, coming from the East Coast, we long to find "good fish" out here in the Midwest. Thank you for the suggestion. I'm so bumbed that Wisconsin doesn't have any Deep Dish. I can't wait to go to Chicago and check it out. I lived in Chicago back when I was a mear 19 where I had my first taste of really good Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. I've been longing to recapture that experience for years now. Out in the Boston area the only thing we had was "Uno" which isn't the same as when it first started out. What is your favorite thin pizza place?

        Thank you for your tips - we look forward to trying The River Lane Inn. Happy Holidays!


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          The Al Calderone Club on Port Washington Rd in Fow Point is probably the best bet for pizza of any type in the north shore area. Since my own preference is for thin crust, I'm afraid I cant address your thick crust dilemma.

          River Lane Inn (and River Place in Mequon, same owners, I believe) are excellent places for fish and seafood. If you are looking to buy fish to prepare yourself, Empire Fish Co on Watertown Plank Road (west of you) is your best bet, But Sendik's (especially the one at 124th & North Ave) is also excellent, most notably when they have their occasional seafood sales.

          I grew up in and around Glendale, but most of my own favourite places in the area are long gone, and since I dont live on that side of town, I cant tell you what else is really great in the area. Bayshore is a very scary place for me now, and not even Trader Joe's is enticement enough for me to go there. Some people I know and otherwise respect like Bravo!, a white tablecloth Italian place there, but I find it boring at best, detestable at worst. Venture out to other areas of town, and I'm certain that you will not be disappointed in what Milwaukee has to offer.

          Welcome to our city.

          1. re: Fydeaux

            I have to disagree on the Calderone club - went in five or so years ago and was very disappointed. Never bothered to go back.

      2. Where in Glendale?
        We live in the neighborhood across from "Le Club".
        Best very local pizza is Momma Mia's on Silver Spring. Never ate inside - always had take out. Regular crust though.

        No really decent fresh fish in the area. However, if you like meats the best butcher shop is actually up the road in Sheboygan. Meisfields. Sendik's in Grafton,Meqoun and out on Capitol Drive are decent but expensive for groceries. Stay away from the very crowded on full of type 'A' *ssholes in Whitefish Bay. The Shorewood one is pretty decent as well. Trader Joe's in Bayshore is a blessing. See if we can hook up and I'll let you know what I have learned about the area.

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          Try Pizza Man on the East Side (Corner of North and Oakland Aves. They have a great deep dish, perhaps not as good as Chicago, but darn good, and without the cost of gas! Some think they have the best 'za in town period, but their wine list is really the gem here. As for Milwaukee "cracker crust," be sure to check out Zaffiro's on Farwell Ave. also on the East Side. Be forewarned however, don't expect any atmosphere here other than "family-owned dive joint." As for other places, check out Roots and all of Sandy D'Amato's places (Coquette Cafe/Harlequin Bakery and Sanford). There are tons more little "hidden gems" and "diamonds in the rough" here to discover, that for some reason people tend to never post about. Bombay Sweets for Indian, Nessun Dorma for cozy, rustic Italian Bistro, Comet Cafe for homey, American comfort-food. There is so much here other than the overhyped or overpriced stuff that tends to get mentioned most frequently. Cheers and welcome to town! Happy eating!