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Dec 21, 2007 07:40 AM

Help - Beef Short Ribs in Crockpot?

Hi - I need Christmas dinner for 6. I was thinking that braised beef short ribs would be a good entree and easy to make (no need to worry about how each person likes their steak cooked). My dilema is that I don't own a dutch over. I actually think I'm getting one for Christmas (thus can't go out and buy one), so I want to know if I can make them in my slow cooker as long as I brown them first.

If anyone has any advice or good recipes that they could share I would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. Just made short ribs last night. A great winter meal and perfect for Xmas. Slow cooker is OK but i always find everything has a certain sameness after slow cooking. If you brown the short ribs and your root vegetables and deglaze your fry pan with stock (wine or beer work as well), you could do the oven cooking in a lidded corning ware dish.

    1. A slow cooker would be perfect. Brown all parties involved, add some tomato paste, deglaze with red wine and add some stock-- transfer to slow cooker with a little bouquet garni and it will be perfect.