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Dec 21, 2007 07:19 AM

Sports bar in Binghamton for Sunday's games?

I'm going to be in Binghamton this weekend for the holidays and I need a sports bar for the Giants-Bills game on Sunday. Just looking for a place with some decent pub food (burgers and wings) and it has to be a place that has good big screen tv's to watch the game. Please help.

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  1. My BIL is real fond of Harry Tufts (sp?) but I don't know that it's a sports bar... my sister says people she knows go to The Galley on Hooper Road. Apparently Harry's only has a couple tvs. I can't find websites for them, but here are their addresses/phones.

    Harry Tufts Publick House
    203 W Main St, Endicott, NY
    Tel: (607) 786-5242

    Galley Pub & Restaurant the
    409 Hooper Road
    Endicott, NY 13760-3661
    Phone: (607) 748-6544

    1. Tony's on State Street has good bar food (huge burgers, chicken spiedie sandwiches, curly fries, etc.), and they'll likely have the game on. They have at least 1 big screen tv. There are a bunch of bars on State Street that might have it on, so you can just park and walk till you find one that suits you!

      1. I know this post was last month, but we just had a great dinner this weekend at Tully's in Johnson city on 434. They had LOTS of tvs tuned to the Pats game and great food. So, if you are looking for a place next season... :)

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          Funny you should mention it. I'm the OP. When I went I was choosing between Tony's and Tully's. Went to Tony's only because it was practically empty and I didn't want a chain place. Tully's also seemed more like a restaurant than a bar. But, next time I think I'll definitely choose Tully's b/c it seemed like they had a ton of tv's. Is there a bar area with a good view of the tv's or are you better at one of their tables? By the way, what's good to eat there and how are the wings?

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            no matter where you sit in Tully's you're going to see the TV. we counted 27 just within our line of sight, at one of their high top tables. They even have them hung inside the bar so that you can see easily from your bar stool.
            I did not eat any wings, but my family said they were good, they are very large for wings. The sliders were good, the burgers are HUGE - 10oz at least. I would not recommend the fat free pasta salad, it's bland. but that's the only complaint I heard. they had lots of options for sides with the burgers. Oh, and the sodas are huge too - at least 32 oz.

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              speaking of sports and Binghamton...anywhere good to eat near NYSEG Stadium?