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Dec 21, 2007 07:11 AM

Thai Market (SFV Area - Chatsworth)


We're making Thai tonight and I am looking for some last minute ingredients...

Pad Thai: rice noodles, sliced chicken, green onion, sprouts, tofu, fish sauce, oyster sauce (I HAVE).

Tom yum: sliced chicken breast, 50 grams of oyster or straw mushrooms , thai(or regular) ginger, lime leaves(only 1-2) coriander, lemon grass, fish sauce, chicken stock, lemon juice. some chilli paste.

Papaya salad: 2 young papayas (still hard and dark green) carrots, cucumber, Chinese long bean( only if we can find-2 or 3), lime or lemon juice, palm sugar or silan,peanut's!!!!!!!!

Red curry with chicken or fillet of fish: : red curry paste (I have one can, is that enough??), eggplant, baby corn and carrots. coconut milk (I have 2 cans, is that enough??)!. lime leaves, basil leaves. fish sauce.

Deep fried bananas!: Bananas (ripe mofos) rice flour (I have), whole wheat flour ( I HAVE) , palm oil,200 gram grated coconut.

Any help on where I can find some tof the trickier ingredients like the papaya or lime leaves or just a thai market in the chatsworth, reseda, woodland hills, tarzana area?

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  1. Not a thai market really, but you can find all of that at the Galleria Market on Reseda in Northridge.

    Indian Markets in Chatsworth, Like India's Sweets and Spices and such may also have it. I would try Galleria first.

    Coriander is cilantro, you know

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    1. re: Diana

      Not sure if thai ginger (galanga) will be stocked in the Indian restaurants. If you extend your boundary just a scoch eastward, you'll get 99 Ranch. Hell, the Thai market is right off the 101 here in Hollywood.

      For long bean, you'd also be able to find that in Filipino markets (it'd be called sitaw).

      1. re: SauceSupreme

        regular ginger works in thai food, but I've seen Galangal in Galleria, 99 and some indian markets.

        As for having enough red curry paste and coconut milk, how much do the recipes call for?

        For lime leaves, you need to look for Kaffir lime leves. Not all lime leaves are good for cooking!

    2. As several others pointed out 99 ranch carries everything you are asking for. It's at Victory and Sepulveda in Van Nuys. Chinese long beans are seasonal, and I don't think they are in right now, but I could be wrong. Have a lovely dinner.

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      1. re: ebethsdad

        Why drive to Van Nuys when Galleria is closer, and just as Asian? There's also that HK market in the Korean HK Center on Sherman Way in Granada Hills or something. (Chatsworth?)

        1. re: Diana

          Any info on Galleria or the HK Center?

          1. re: Diana

            Galleria is primarily a Korean market, and carries mostly Korean products. You can find basic asian items like tofu and soy sauce, but for a wider variety, 99 Ranch is better because they carry brands better suited for Thai (or other) cuisines. I cook Singaporean/Malay/Chinese food at home and some of the Korean noodles and sauces just don't taste right for what I need them for.

            1. re: boogiebaby

              Boogiebaby, I have found lots of food for thai cooking at Galleria. 99 is great too, though.

              HK is a Korean market, but has ingredients for many things.

              I sorta like exploring all three.

              Of the three, Galleria is the cleanest and nicest organized, HK second, 99 last (the Valley 99, anyhow.

              99 has the best deals and prices on most things, as well as a benefit of a good pho place and a Sam Woo's on either side.

              99 has the WORST parking of the three. It is abysmal in that little lot, and a lot of 99 customers seem to totally ignore parking rules and park anywhere, or just sit in their cars in the middle of the lane for no good reason.

              Hk has some good little places to eat inside, a good selection of pack your own banchan and a good Korean BBQ place in the same center.

              Galleria has the best bakery set up inside.

              Each have strengths and weaknesses.

              0201 Reseda Blvd,
              Northridge, CA

              HK market (also called Greenlands)
              17643 Sherman Way
              Van Nuys, CA 91406
              Phone: (818) 708-7396

              99 ranch
              6450 Sepulveda Blvd
              Van Nuys, CA

              1. re: Diana

                Not to be picky, but I don't see galanga and ginger as that interchangeable myself. Kinda like lemon and lime juices or zests maybe. Done, but not quite right. [And though I'm not smart enough to know the varieties well, I think the various nam pla sauces are used depending on which dish is being prepared.]

                1. re: MaryT

                  Its true, galangal is soapier than ginger. But in a pinch, ginger works. some people not used to galangal prefer it

            2. re: Diana

              our family is thai and we cook lots of thai food. my mom basically doesn't shop at galleria except to get the chocolate croissants out front b/c they don't really stock much that she can use for her recipes. the market is definitely primarily korean and it's much different than thai spices and ingredients.

              for groceries for thai cooking:
              - 99 ranch on sepulveda
              - bangluck market on sherman way west of the 170
              - there is another bangluck on reseda near sherman way (west side of reseda blvd) but it's not run by thais, so don't know if they carry all the relevant ingredients (99 ranch is not run by thais but it's a big place and they seem to have everything as my mom never complains when she shops there for groceries)

              1. re: jackt

                I shop at both SFV Bangluck Mkt's, usually the N.H. store which labels their produce properly and sometimes at the Reseda store which labels most bagged produce as "Produce" so you need to know what the stuff you are after looks like! I'm referring to stuff like the various Thai basils and other pre-bagged greens and chilis etc.