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Dec 21, 2007 07:08 AM

Memphis-Desoto Center

We are coming from the north to an event at the Desoto Center on a Friday night. We want to meet a group around 5:00 and eat. Any suggestions around there/Southaven/HornLake?

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  1. How about Interstate BBQ?It is one of the top Memphis places, and they do have a location on Stateline Road in Southhaven...


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    1. re: Clarkafella

      I was wondering... Is the Interstate BBQ on Stateline Rd as good as the original???

      1. re: spazz_dance

        I had ribs there once, and they were very good- maybe not quite as good as the original (which are not my favorite anyway- I usually go to Interstate for the sandwich), but still pretty good. Come to think of it though, the original isn't that far- I would go there just because it is a BBQ Mecca...

    2. Desoto County is marred by every chain you can imagine. But there are a couple of places that are local and good. The Boiling Point has good gulf coast style seafood and is in the Desoto Center area. The Mesquite Chophouse is a good upscale steakhouse that isn't too far. You could always stop in downtown Memphis on the way down. There are tons of awesome places there. If you are going to the basketball game, the Rebel Club is hosting a pre-game reception at 5:30 in the Desoto Center convention hall. There's free food and a cash bar. Supposedly Andy Kennedy is speaking.

      1. Don't know what you're in the mood for, but there's a Gus' Fried chicken at Goodman and Airways.

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          And there is a Sekisui on Goodman Rd. as well. West of I-55.