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Oct 1, 2000 11:22 PM

Garlic Mushroom& Broccoli Chicken...know where I can find it?

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When I was in Spain years ago, oddly enough, I had one of the best Italian meals I have ever had at a sidewalk cafe in Sevilla...
It was a Garlic Mushroom & Broccoli Chicken served over a-dente fettucine. The sauce was clear and very garlic-y, the mushrooms were fresh and quartered, the broccoli cooked but still crisp, and the chicken had a slight lemon flavor to it. Everything was just cooked together enough to begin picking up the other ingredients' flavors. It's a meal I have periodically craved ever since then.
I have never found it in any other Italian Restaurant, and I don't know what region in Italy it originated from. Maybe it's not really even Italian, but a bastardization...Has anyone else ever heard of this dish, or know where to find it?

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