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Dec 21, 2007 06:38 AM

Best Gingerbread cookies in south jersey

i am no baker but i crave good, not good...excellent gingerbread cookies, i am fairly new to this area and would appreciate suggestions where i might buy some. i am in the burlington county area so cherry hill or haddonfield or voorhees wouldn't be too far of a haul......puhleeese

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  1. like jfood...i can't bake,,,,your help is needed..desperately

    1. Call first to see if they have them, but Desserts by Design in Audobon is a excellent bakery. Elegant cakes and they do miniature desserts that are beautiful and delicious.

      There is also a very, very small new bakery in Haddon Heights called T'is So Sweet and they have excellent large cookies. Sorry, I don't have the number for them. but I am sure you could google it. Very small selection of cakes but they are real 'homemade' type of cakes as opposed to the more professional ones at Desserts by Design.
      In Burlington County, I checked out a bakery after reading about it. It's either J&B or L&N: I cannot remember the name, just the location. Unfortunately, both of those are bakeries in Burlington County. The one I refer to is on Route 541, on the southbound side, just off of Route 130. It's an old fashioned bakery, with a very large selection. You might want to check them out as well.
      You didn't ask about this, but there is also Mother's Cheesecakes in Burlington. They have an outlet store, and the prices are very cheap. I already went up to get my cheescakes for Christmas Day.These are really good cheesecakes, and worth the stop to check it out.
      BTW: I don't bake either so I am familiar with many of the better bakery sources in the area! I have a great source for cream puffs and cannoli if you need it.