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Dec 21, 2007 06:14 AM

Las Vegas Buffet

Hi Folks:

I know what I'm about to ask has probably been 'beaten to death'. However, I was hoping for some fresh answers

Wife and I are taking first ever trip to Vegas in March.

One of the evenings, we would like to eat at one of the buffets on the strip that you experts recommend......I'm looking for the following

1) No more than $30-$35 pp
2) great quality food
3) Not annoyingly crowded....we will be going probably 9 pm
4) Somewhere not too far from Mirage.....we are seeing that Cirque Du Soleil Beatles show before

Thanks for your suggestions

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  1. I've found the buffet at Paris to be one of the best around for the money, although I am generally biased towards French food. See if you can make a reservation; I think they accept them but I'm not sure.

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      i love buffet's...but i love sitdown places too !!!! I still say for $30 there ain't nothin' on the strip that will come close to beating that price for what you get - heck...just eating a salad then stock up on king crab legs and then a dessert or 2....what will that cost you at any strip restaurant ...$40....$50....$60 least !!!

      Go to bellagio....not sure how busy it will be...factors are weekend trip, are you there during march madness, etc

    2. I don't think any buffet accepts reservations and although I found the food ok -- I hated the set up and it annoyed me. Bellagio is solid but I still stand by my Alladin choice , I love their Mediterranean Grill . All in All I hate buffets for 35 bucks take a 10.00 cab ride to Nora's or Firefly and have a good meal.

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        Small edit -- the Paris set up annoys me. and 9:00 is almost closing time-- might get the scraps -- check first

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          Two weeks ago I went to the Paris buffet at about 9 p.m.--very disappointing! I'm not sure whether they were the scraps, but I wouldn't recommend it.

      2. I heard years ago that the buffet at the Rio Suites was good? this more a quantity than a quality offering?.....also, any additional recommendations are appreciated....I'll pay more for something nice....BTW we are going last weekend in March

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          Rio's Carnival World buffet is a good quality and good variety buffet. It may have been the best around in the old days (early 90s), may have lost its footing with the rise of Aladdin, Bellagio, etc., but seems to have regained it standing.

        2. With the price limit you knock out Wynn and Bellagio but Planet Hollywood can just barely sneak in. It is not quite as good as when it was the Alladin but is close enough to still be one of the best.

          The strengths are a good mid-east section, desserts, and fairly competitive crab. Its weaknesses are the Mexican, Italian and salads. However most Italian and Mexican sections in buffets are not that great either so we are talking about a small disadvantage versus others not a disaster.

          Paris was better but recently has slipped a little. If you go during a slower period and talk to the waitresses they might mention that the cooking batches are larger now which slightly impairs quality. This is where Wynn has an advantage over most other buffets.

          Cravings is a hit or miss buffet at the Mirage. I liked it because the quality of prime rib was high and their chinese was much stronger than average. However, their selections are limited and they don't have that many more things to choose from than a smallish buffet like the Hilton even though Cravings is very spread out in a modern design. If you can find enough to like, then it will be good. If not then it will not be a good buffet.

          1. I'll second the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood. I was out there in June and ate at the Rio, Wynn and Spice Market buffets. I definitely think the Wynn buffet had the largest and tastiest buffet of all three, but Spice Market Buffet was a fair second--mostly because the selection is not as large as the Wynn. It is an excellent value though, for the price and the quality of food. Rio had a great selection, but I think the quality of the food was not that good.