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Dec 21, 2007 06:06 AM

Den: sit-down Mexican?

I'm beginning to get some idea of the best quick-stops, but if I want table service/a modicum of ambiance and more importantly booze, I should check out ____________?


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  1. If booze are the most important qualifier, try Mezcal, for their killer mescalito. The food is good, if not great, but the drinks and ambiance are terrific. I also like Rosa Linda's in Highlands.

    1. Tamayo (downtown, 14th and Larimer) and its less expensive sibling, La Sandia
      (Stapleton/Northfield) are both sitdown and attractive. Don't miss the guac. And yes, the drinks are good too. If drinks are indeed #1, try Tahona Tequila Bistro in Boulder (Pearl St., west of the mall).

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        Interesting! I had forgotten about Tahona until rlm's post about lunch today and now I'm really craving it. I want their fish tacos!

      2. Thanks all! I should have been more clear, the food's still the most important factor; t's not that the drinks have to be great, they just have to have alcohol in them. Doesn't have to be a full liquor license either, wine & beer's fine. I just like to have a *little* something with dinner is the point. :)
        Don't assume that changes these recs (thanks!); does it expand the field?

        1. Efrain's in Lafayette. A bowl of their chile verde and a Bohemia.

          1. The original comment has been removed