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Dec 21, 2007 05:53 AM

Best New Haven Restaurants?

Can someone please recommend some good, non-Italian restaurants in the New Haven, CT area? I'm going there for a few weeks on a consulting gig -- I am aware of the reputation of the Italian food in the area, but would like to branch out.

Many thanks

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  1. Without a doubt, the single best Chinese food is at the House of Chao on Whalley Ave in Westville. Dumplings are made fresh, the service is great, just the best, really. Get the General Tso's chicken. Closed on Monday, I think.
    Tandoor on Chapel st is my favorite Indian
    Go to Soul de Cuba for a Cubano sandwich
    Mother's for some Jamaican
    Thai Taste on Chapel
    and Baja's in Orange (Route 1) for authentic flavors from the Baja region of Mexico
    and Roomba for Latin fusion (not sure if they are still open, though (203) 562-7666)

    No comment on Japanese, as I don't like fish, other than to say that I do like quality sake, and Miya's sake is terrible. They "make " their own by flavoring sake from a box. blecch...

    oh, and Sally's for pizza.

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      Roomba is not open anymore, but a new restaurant is there, Sabor, which is nuevo latino and excellent!

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        Miya's used to be one of the best and most unique Japanese restaurants I'd ever been to, with their combo of homestyle meets fusion eats. Last time I went though, it had gone a little too overboard with the fusion thing in a new menu, and although still very unique, the new style sushi was very hit or miss flavor and texture wise. I think they need to dial it back a notch and go back to their roots a little more.

      2. If you can expense the thing, I'd say the two best restos in New Haven are Bespoke (same chef as Roomba/Sabor, but a more eclectic menu) or Ibiza, which is is a spanish/tapas place.

        Ninth Square, which is south of Church street is the hot neighborhood for restaurants. Thali is an amazing Indian place (never been to Tandoor as mentioned below, but Thali's Navratan Korma is to die for), across the street is Miso (good sushi/Japanese), and around the corner is Bentara, which is has excellent Malaysian food and an immense wine list.

        In other areas- Claire's Corner Copia on Chapel and College is a vegetarian institution, and their desserts are excellent and huge. Ahimsa (vegan with some raw) is a newcomer to New Haven- but their food is very good- try the raw ice cream.

        It's a bit away (10 minute walk) from the downtown restaurant strip, but Sandra's on Whitney across from Audubon St has great soul food with hip atmosphere.