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Dec 21, 2007 05:45 AM

Xmas day Chinese dinner (downtown)

Any suggestions for downtown Chinese food on the 25th, will be myself and gf, doing something different for us this year....was thinking asian legend or e-pan, we probally won't be able to wait too long and this meal will be late afternoon-ish...I would like to try a new place...haven't been super impressed by swatow, rol san, new sky in the past...oh, and not dumplings -- I eat those waaay to often already!

Thanks & Happy Holidays to all you CH's!

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  1. Hua Sang on Baldwin? Definite hits are the lobster and the hot pot dishes.

    Hua Sang
    41 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T1L1, CA

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    1. re: xtal

      ..thanks xtal, haven't been there before...

      1. re: Recyclor

        You're welcome. There's also a seafood soup which is quite good. A clear delicate broth with loads of tasty seafood inside. Best with a touch of heat from their chili oil.

        1. re: xtal

're definatly selling me on this place!

          1. re: Recyclor

            One request. Be sure to report back if you end up going there. I'd love to hear other people's opinions on the place.

            1. re: xtal

              Aren't there are two on Baldwin if I recall? Isn't the other one Wah Sing?
              Have you been to this one xtal? The menu sounds similar.

              1. re: millygirl

                Wah Sing is the one that's at street level, and Hua Sang is a few steps below street level. I've been to Hua Sang numerous times, and Wah Sing once or twice. They're both quite good, but I prefer Hua Sang.

    2. I read about A Taste of China on this board (on Spadina close to Bright Pearl) and now it's our family's current favourite (next to E-Pan). Just there tonight and had a Seafood combo - 3 dishes for $38. We picked lobster with ginger and scallions, sauteed grouper on gailan greens, and deep fried oyster and tofu cubes - all are good. (I don't know if the combo menu is available in English or not.) One thing to avoid there is Peking Duck. The duck is so-so but the pancakes are next to inedible.