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Dec 21, 2007 05:25 AM

Phila restaurant recs for two twenty somethings

My 25 year old comes in from Boston tomorrow to 30th St station and my 23 year old, who just graduated from college last week will be joining us for dinner in Phila. We're from Chester County and not too familiar with Phila restaurants. Can you recommend some places that 1) no reservation required 2) cuisine that two twenty somethings would enjoy and 3) alcohol preferred as we want to celebrate his graduation and 4) no dress code as they will be in jeans. I'm a foodie and always want to eat at quality restaurants but they would much rather eat the food they prefer and fun atmosphere (nothing stuffy). Their tastes are varied but not exotic.

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  1. How about Roy's (Hawaiian) at 15th & Sansom (parking lot right next door)

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      I feel bad saying this, but if this is a special occasion and you are looking for something worthy of a foodie with a fun atmosphere I would never go to Roy's. I've been there several times, and have never seen a foodie in sight. Obviously Idia has been there so I am wrong, but it seems like such a dull place for a special meal out. Normally all I see are shipped in suburbanites, visiting for an office party because Roy's sounds familiar and they don't know any better.

      No reservations and jeans make this a little more difficult - Jones does seem like a decent idea. I would also reccomend Valanni, The Continental, Tria, Alma de Cuba and Los Cantrines and Tequilas.

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        They're two boys who would probably be happy at Chickie & Pete's watching sports but I'm trying to make this a special occasion. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look up your suggestions to see what looks good to us.

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          I don't disagree with you at all. I was actually thinking more in terms of the college boys more than I was of their parents. Roy's is not normally on my food list but my grandkids love it there so I am simply considering the souce for a place that needs no res, one can wear jeans, fun atmosphere. (get the picture?) :-)
          I hope this makes sense.

          1. re: saturninus

            I would totally second Saturninus' rec of Continental Midtown-- I'm in my 20s, and my friends and I always go there.
            The cocktails are great-- as is the food. It's really fun if you go with the small plates type menu.
            On the same wavelength I'd also recommend Pod -- this is also close to 30th street.

        2. I could see Jones being a spot that they would enjoy.

          1. How about Monk's at 16th & Spruce? The mussels are good, I enjoy the burger and they have a great selection of beers from around the world. jeans are acceptable and they don't take reservations

              1. I'd say Alma de Cuba. Fun drinks, excellent food, some what ethnic and safe b/c it's a Starr Restaurant - Also Buddakan