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Dec 21, 2007 04:34 AM

Fabulous dinner at Pastis!

Decided that after all the running around and stuff we earned ourselves a nice meal at Pastis. It was fabulous.

First off, they make the best Cosmopolitan in the city, bar none!!! Not too sweet or thickish, a little bit of shaved ice and nice hit of fresh lemon. Very well done.

We ordered 6 malpecque oysters to share and I have to say the accompanying sauce and the freshness of the oysters were wonderful - just as good, if not better than, Starfish.

My hubby had their escargot ravioli which is always wonderful and I had the jerusalem artichoke and potato soup. Both deelish and perfect winter comfort food.

For mains we had the fish and chips and roasted salmon on a bed of bismatti rice and some nicely sauted bok choy on the side. My salmon was perfectly done. Hubby gobbled up his fish and loved the homemade tartar sauce. Frite were also very tasty.

Did I mention the breadbasket - actually it was the killer butter that did me in. Yum - me.

Oh and desert - deemed our best desert of 2007 - a cold pistacho zabalogne with fresh strawberries. Again not overly gooey sweet, but great flavours. It was devoured in seconds.

I had a glass of pouilly fusse and can't quite recall what hubby's red was but all in all we had one very enjoyable evening. And It was hopping there, which I like to see. And yes it was loud, but easily carry on a conversation. Top notch service as always. Everyone is very professional and friendly. The same staff pretty much everytime which I also like to see. George must treat them well - a good sign for me.

We decided last night that we are going to make this our go to place for 2008 - it was THAT good! And still feel that way this morning, so it wasn't just the cosmo and wine talking :)

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  1. sounds delicious

    1158 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L9, CA

    1. I've often posted about Pastis - the best decision they ever made was to downscale it to a bistro. My husband and I will often drop in without a reservation, sit at the bar and have an easy, great dinner. Other mains to recommend are the liver and the roast lobster. And for dessert next time, I HIGHLY recommend the profiteroles - definitely one of my guilty pleasures. George waivers between charming and a sycophant but the waiters and bartenders there are professional, friendly and overall excellent.

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        Yup, its always been on my Top 5 restos. Funny you mention the lobster. Everytime I go I say I'm gonna order the lobster and came close last night but once again changed my mind. It sounds kinda messy to eat - is it?? And my husband loves their profiteroles. Luckily they brought that over from the original menu. I agree, the change was the best thing, but I also loved it before. Sycophant? I must look that up. He's always been very charming to us. Last night though, he was off sick with a cold....actually missed him.

      2. may i ask how much the bill came to for what sounds like a very yummy meal?

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        1. re: auberginegal

          With taxes and tip, $165....and worth every penny!

        2. Their foie gras, fish soup and most of all, their calves liver had been on my favourite list for years! So far, no one managed to come out with a better tasting calves liver! Not even Batifole!

          1. Just stay clear of their steak frites (if it's still on the menu). I had it when I went there for a friend's birthday party back in April and it was very disappointing (meat was overcooked & tough, fries were lacklustre).

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            1. re: Royaljelly

              Very weird. Never had a disappointing anything there. Never say never, but my hubby's fries were excellent.