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Dec 21, 2007 04:27 AM

TD Banknorth Garden tonight

Our first time there - we have tickets to the Sports Deck to see the Celtics tonight. We are coming in from Maynard via the T after work so we won't have time to find dinner before the game. I've been searching for reviews but mostly folks are looking for a place to eat outside of the Garden before or after an event. Are the concessions any good? Has anybody eaten at the Sports Deck? Thanks in advance for any tips.

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  1. The North End is a very short walk from the Garden. Just do a search for hound favs.

    For very good pub grub, The Waterfront Cafe is a short walk up Causeway/Commercial. For more serious food, I like the small plates at Flat Iron which is VERY close to The Garden.

    1. Nebo for pizza on Washington St
      or The Fours on Canal ST for great nachos

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        The Fours is the most convenient spot for decent food before a Garden event, especially if time is tight.

        The North End and the Waterfront are a short walk, but with all the recent snow it can be an extremely slippery and unpleasant hike. Drive or take the T to North Station and go to the Fours, the Grand Canal or FlatIrons.