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Dec 21, 2007 12:14 AM

Arriving in Paris New Years Day

We arrive in Paris New Years Day for a 5 day visit. Not wanting to miss a day of fine eating, I'd love some ideas of places where we can have lunch or dinner that day. I'm not sure how zonked we will be from jet lag, so suggestions for interesting, but not too expensive restaurants would be appreciated. We are going to be renting an apartment in the 2nd but don't let that limit your suggestions!

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  1. I would love to hear the answer to this question as we will be there that day as well. We have read mixed things, some sites (and friends) say many places open and others say it is dead that day...

    Please help us!

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    1. re: yomyb

      Your best bet are the brasseries that are usually open 365/365. Expect small family run bistrots rather closed than open.

      Chain restos (Bistro Romain, Pizza Pino, Hippopotamus, etc.) will be open as well. However, I'd rather avoid them except for the Chez Clément.

      1. re: Dodo

        "Chain restos (Bistro Romain, Pizza Pino, Hippopotamus, etc.) will be open as well."

        IMO these are to be avoided at all costs. Denny's and Red Lobster are generally better.

      2. re: yomyb

        I found a wek site that is like OpenTable in the US--you can identify restaurants that take reservations on particular days and make the reservations. Of their hundreds of restaurants there are 34 that are open on NY Day and we made reservations at one that sounded good called L'Agassin.

        1. re: Gabbeh

          Excellent choice -- a britton restaurant which just opened, very yum and with the passion of beginners.

      3. Aaaaah! I also arrived in Paris on New Year's Day -- 2005! that thread title made me pause. but I took the TGV straight to Lyon, where there were a whole host of lovely brasseries open on the rue Mercier.

        I'll be interested to hear what reservations you made, and how the place was. My advice would be, if you have friends in Paris, to ask them to shop for you... (le pain, le vin et le Boursin... cheese, charcuterie, fruit, etc.) to enjoy in your apartment on NY Day, and then begin your adventures on Jan 2. You'll be jet-lagged, and there won't be much of interest open, anyway, I'm guessing.