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Sep 30, 2000 11:16 PM

west african food

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any suggestions for west african food?

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  1. Los Angeles is not quite the mecca for West African food that it is for, say, Ethiopian or Chinese, but Lagos, on La Cienega near Pico, isn't bad with the usual range of fufus and stews, and Rosalind's, an Ethiopian on Fairfax, has more than a few decent West African dishes on the menu.

    Until a couple of years ago, there was a splendid Liberian place in the Crenshaw district, but it is no more.

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      Richard Foss

      Rosalind's used to have a wide variety of West African entrees, but they now have West African appetizers but only one Ghanian entree. The rest of the items are all Ethiopian. I was a fan of the place a few years ago, but haven't been there since the menu change.